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"When the Wii U was released back in November of last year, New Super Mario Bros. U was a heavily popular launch title among purchases. Nintendo had promised some form of downloadable content in the near future. Well, the near future is upon us, and instead of creating packs of three levels like New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has created what is essentially a brand-new game. With Mario out of the picture, Luigi is the star of his own platforming adventure, New Super Luigi U. (It is the Year of Luigi, after all!) While folks with a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U could download the game for twenty dollars in June, the retail version of the game was released this past week-- one that could be purchased for New Super Mario Bros. U-less Wii U owners or collectors like myself. Does New Super Luigi U add enough content to justify its price tag?"

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