Halo 3 saves your own single- and multiplayer gameplay in videos with new recorder feature

In Halo 3's single- and multiplayer gameplay, you can now save your own movies and then rewatch them!

A juicy rumor to add to this news is that Microsoft recently launched Soapbox, a video sharing Youtube clone, now imagine that getting enabled for Xbox 360.

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Bill Nye4469d ago

Good to see this is hitting consoles so I hope this is implemented in more games. I've always used demo recorders in games like Half-Life and Battlefield.

2tired2day2hate4469d ago

thats great news. itd be great if you could use the downloadable map packs from halo 2 on halo 3 as well. i really hope the legendary halo3 edition isnt over $100

power of Green 4469d ago

This will be off the hook if Halo's animation improves. STELLAR!

TheXgamerLive4469d ago

This is once again MIcrosoft bringing new frontiers to console gaming, this and there's so much more to come, Damn I'm happy to be an Xbox 360 gamer.

We'll be able to truly learn from our mistakes this way as well.

Siesser4469d ago

I by no means am trying to start a console skirmish here; I promise you. I just wanted to point out that during E3, they'd pointed out the PS3's ability to record and send gameplay.

Regardless of who announces or implements it first, it's definitely an interesting and cool feature. Can't you do this in one of 360's NBA games?

power of Green 4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Yah it was probly not a good idea to mention the PS3 when the articals about recording the all time champion FPS HAlo. You should post a PS3 artical thats stats your excitment for the PS3, 360 fans don't care much about PS3 unless you're getting both the PS3 and the 360. Forza and others will do the same thing. No one said the PS3 wasn't capable of this feature. lol

Siesser4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Like I said; it's not meant to suggest the value of one console over another. It's just that he said that Halo's use of this feature was "bringing new frontiers" to gameplay. Most people around here seem to get hung up over who did what first and innovation and stuff. I just wanted to clarify that Halo 3 was not the first product announced to do this. And as the last line stated, PS3 wasn't the first system to do it, as I think one of 360's NBA titles lets you upload and share replay footage. It was by no means an attempt to start anything; just responding to a statement.

death monk4467d ago

If I remember correctly, Burnout Revenge lets you record and upload replays. I can see your comment was unbiased and I do appreciate that.

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The story is too old to be commented.