PS Vita Wi-Fi Model Suddenly Discontinued on Sony’s Japanese Web Store, New Model Incoming?

Something seems to be happening with the PS Vita in Japan, as Sony suddenly discontinued the sale of the basic black version of the Wi-Fi PS Vita on its Japanese web store. Strangely enough all the other colors and the Wi-Fi/3G version are still available.

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Hatsune-Miku1875d ago

I would like a 6inch screen with 64gb flash memory onboard and double battery life. Make a limited edition sony

DoomeDx1875d ago

Yesterday I realised that I do not even need the 3g model.

I just tether with my phone and use that wifi on my Vita when in the bus or something

abzdine1874d ago

A PlayStation event will be held in Japan on Sep 9th. Expect more announcements ladies and gents..

FriedGoat1874d ago

Think they will probably follow Nintendo on this one, The PS Ita model will have a black and white screen and feature no colours at all. Exciting.

iamnsuperman1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I agree with you the 3G model is pointless. I have one but I could have just got a Wifi model and tethered it with my Phone.

OT: like people below said, it is probably a mistake. Usually models do not get discontinued until a new model is announced. It would stop people buying in the next few days (look at every tech product in the last 50 years). So probably a glitch with the website

I do not think it is a phone/4G model. 4G isn't that wide spread and like you said tethering makes things cheaper for Sony (make more sense to discontinue the 3G model)

dredgewalker1874d ago

Yep the wifi version is more than enough for me. Played Killzone Mercenary beta with no problems while tethered to my phone. Also i've heard there were some issues with the 3g versions.

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sherimae24131875d ago

new model incoming? isnt it too early for that?
well sony will explain it... im sure of it
like when they shutdown the rumor last few weeks of a new model of vita with larger screen and 1gb ram ^_^


Not necessarily too early.

Vita not having some internal storage was a mistake that shouldn't had happened (although arguably it wouldn't be very retailer friendly, maybe that's why they passed on it) so if that's what they would be changing, definetelly not too soon.

Now, if we're talking major hardware spec changes (like RAM, Screen, processors, etc) than it indeed sounds too soon for remodeling. But personally I don't think they'll mess with the screen, it simply would become too big for a portable console (which many argue it already is).

...but hey, it's not like I've never been wrong before, you know.

PrimeGrime1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I don't know how many times I have explained it is too early for a new model. On top of the fact Sony has a ritualistic habit when it comes to remodels.

They always take a little over 2 years before they come but then again those devices were selling way better and had a lot of room to improve during that time.

The Vita doesn't have much room to improve at the moment other than a bigger screen with maybe a higher resolution is all I could see happening later on. It also being thinner of course like always.

Still I completely agree with you. How many times have these false alarms sounded about a new model coming and every single time people believe it. Every single time they end up wrong, you would think by now they would just wait and stop hoping for one.

Also what people are expecting in this new model is ridiculous at times, the Vita would be way more expensive if that happened.

LOGICWINS1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

When did Sony shutdown that rumor? Can you post the link please?

sherimae24131874d ago

im using a vita, i cant copy paste links u can bactrack to some of the news at vita channel here in n4g or u can visit gaf if u want
yoshida is the one who answer no to that rumor in twitter by the way

Snookies121875d ago

I kinda doubt it will be for a new model. Most likely just an error on their site or something.

Abriael1875d ago

An error is very unlikely, discontinuing a model normally has failsafes in place. It may or may not be a new model, or simply discontinuation of the wi-fi in favor of the 3G, or something else entirely, but i seriously doubt it's a mistake.

Snookies121875d ago

Why would only one color be gone though? That's what confuses me. Unless it's just a discontinuation of that certain model or something...

Abriael1875d ago


Possibly trying to clean inventory before they discontinue the other colors as well?

At this stage your guess is as good as mine.

PeEsFour4-Four1875d ago

There was once a game that was sold on for $0,01, so fails happen all the time.

Donnieboi1874d ago

How about a Vita phone? Phones do 3g, 4g, and WiFi all in one, while cost wouldn't be such a hinderance due to the fact that most people pay off their phones via acquiring a phone plan.

admiralvic1874d ago

Actually, an error is very likely.

1) The Vita is just starting to get steam with the US / EU price drop joining Japan.
2) It's very rare that they discontinue an older model before a newer one is announced. For instance, Apple still has the iPhone 4 / 4S and iPad 2. Nintendo apparently was still making DSi's and is most likely still making Wii's. The fact that the others aren't might mean Black is discontinued, but that would be even more shocking than a revision.
3) Companies constantly do loopy things with their websites. Like BestBuy has a glitch where OoS items might appear as in stock for every location. We've seen a number of games hit super clearance, figuring the wrong stock, putting in the wrong amount, etc.

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4logpc1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I'd say they are getting rid of it entirely.

they mind as well just sell the 3g/wifi model only.

admiralvic1874d ago


They cost more and the feature is rarely used.

PrimeGrime1874d ago

That makes no sense when that is model no one is buying. 3G is usless but Sony stated that along time ago people just never pay enough attention.

They made it clear 3G was only meant to stay connected but everyone assumed somehow you could magically play games off of 3G now of all things and without any capped speeds.

There are very few games that work off the 3G connection not enough to warrant buying one.

I planned on getting the 3G at first but I am actually very glad I decide not to for that very same reason, I just realized it would be practically useless for me other than maybe occasionally using the GPS but I have the same GPS on my phone that works just fine.

kingPoS1875d ago

4G model? new data carriers? One can dream right!

Donnieboi1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Might as well make it a phone, open to multiple data carriers imo.

kingPoS1874d ago

With all the remote play promotion I'm half expecting it.

PrimeGrime1874d ago

New data carriers? Lol wouldn't that be something. That is more than just a dream that is an illusion.

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