Black Desert Online Shows More Impressive Screenshots, New Trailer

It’s hard not to be impressed every time something new about the upcoming MMORPG Black Desert Online is released, and today’s reveal is no different. Developer Pearl Abyss released quite a few new screenshots and a trailer showing several elements of the game, from the NPC intimacy system to the map, mounts and a variety of weapons.

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rezzah1876d ago

This game is beautiful, I will buy it if it comes to the PS4.

Avadar1868d ago

This is definitely the game for me! As long as there is no forced PvP I'm in. Was looking at ArchAge initially, but their open world pvp is a turnoff, so I won't be playing. I want a game that allows some immersion without having my limited play time spoiled by some real world jerk. Why can't western games provide the same beauty of characters and world? Asian games seem to be the most beautiful.