NZGamer: UEFA Euro 2008 Preview - 'The new kick stick will give precision perfect control'

NZGamer writes: "It seems that with every major sporting event across the globe occurring, you can almost bank on it having a videogame counterpart. The Olympics have their button-mashing duels, football has its premier international showpiece, the World Cup, on display, and now it's Euro 2008's turn to make its way on to consoles, handheld and PC.

Euro 2008 will let you control any of the sixteen participating nations who qualified for the event, as well as an additional thirty six countries, allowing you to customise the event as you see fit. A real bonus for all you England fans out there still upset on your team missing out."

The Good:
-Will capture the essence of the tournament perfectly

The Bad:
-Lack of a Zidane head butt feature

The Ugly:
-Still can't change the real thing for English fans

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Varsarus3844d ago

"The Bad:
-Lack of a Zidane head butt feature"