There’s something fishy about this Kickstarter campaign

Gaming Trend editor Stefen Alexander examines the veracity of Gridiron Thunder's Kickstarter. Is it a scam for more money from Ouya's indie dev funding campaign? Or is this a legitimate game, just looking for help with development costs?

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mastermusashi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

“People really love the arcade experience. they loved being able to pass a ball, they love being able to kick a field goal, they love being able to run a ball into the end zone and so forth so we decided, wow, that’s what people really like, let’s give them more of that, lets take this thing up a notch.” - Andrew Won, CEO MogoTXT

So they designed this football game with the goal of making it a football game?

Just look at these goofballs acting like they're designing a game so they can rake in the ouya Free the games fund money. ugh.

3-4-51878d ago

This is like the Prototype that got thrown in the trash for Blitz 97. Should have stayed that way.

MilkMan1878d ago

I mean I hear these guys: "action football game" but there's like a million of those everywhere. I like fun but this seems redundant. ?!

mastershredder1878d ago

Yeah this has been catching some wind the last few days. There is a bunch of articles about this out there. Some of their past backers also add to fuel to the fire.

Regardless if there is shady goings on, this is not the way to start out the door. I'm not sure who would be going head over heals to fund a generic and uninspired looking game like this in the first place. It looks more like a student project.

They are in it for the cash 'cause I don't see any love in this project.