Killer Instinct hands-on - great fighting, odd pricing | OXM UK

OXM UK: "Getting to grips with Double Helix's reboot of a classic brawler."

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sincitysir11880d ago

I wish I enjoyed fighting games but I'm horrible at them

Septic1880d ago

Practice makes perfect my friend.

Fireseed1880d ago

Pricing models like this are still fairly new to consoles, kinda weird to watch everyone approach something apprehensively that the PC community has fully embraced. But regardless I'm buying it day one and I cou;dn't be any more excited!

FamilyGuy1880d ago

Couldn't be more excited?
What if it was launching with 20 characters, was completely free instead or free-2-play and just had outfit DLC that could be bought to support the game?

What if it was 2D and ultra fast?
Or better yet they did a full HD remake of the original that they're including in that $40 bundle?

CRAIG6671879d ago

What on earth are you talking about!?

Perjoss1879d ago

pricing models these days on ftp games are mostly robbery. With this title it should cost 50 or 60 $ to unlock everything, anything more than that is just milkage.

I've heard that in Plants vs Zombies 2 there's a $100 option that doesn't even include everything, I dont know if that's true but if it is then that's just totally nuts.

whatever happened to, you know, buying a game for a flat fee and just having fun with it. If they have to bump up the prices then fine, but stop this nonsense of breaking the games up into chunks and selling it all separate.

Fireseed1879d ago

The view that all content cost should come to $60 is fairly archaic and is probably the main reason people are so worried about continuously expanding games. But let's get things straight not all games with unique pricing models are the same, I play PvZ2 and I completely that piece mealing content that was done from the get go in order to increase price is bullshit.

But games that are continuously supported post release is perfectly fine, you can't just give away content for free unless you have funding in which case theirs entirely different motives for the content. KI development was only just started last year, and it's pretty apparent that the 6 at launch characters are actually the only ones done. I mean hell I've played League of Legends since launch and have spent well over $300. But who's to say when that game was done? Are they required to make all content price evenly out to $60 no matter how much they add? Should they have waited until this most recent patch until they released the entire game as "full" and moved on to another project? No. Because fans want more gameplay and content from it and instead of making a KI 4 or LoL 2 they add on to their already existing platform.