Examiner: Battlefield 4 executive producer compares PC, PS4 and Xbox One graphics

Patrick Bach has made a comparison between the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of “Battlefield 4.” In an interview with Video Gamer on Aug. 27, the executive producer disclosed that the next-generation systems can’t match the PC platform in terms of CPU and GPU power. This is because players could always add more to their personal computers while the hardware specs of the two upcoming consoles will remain the same.

Patrick Bach assured fans that players “might not see the difference” between the PC version when compared to “Battlefield 4” on the PS4 and Xbox One. He also promised that the experiences between the three platforms are going to be “very, very similar.” You can take a look at his comments from the Video Gamer interview below

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ZBlacktt1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Inb4 this story is all blown up and 15 pages!!!!

and here's what's going to set it off, lol.

"Patrick Bach assured fans that players “might not see the difference” between the PC version when compared to “Battlefield 4” on the PS4 and Xbox One. He also promised that the experiences between the three platforms are going to be “very, very similar.” "

Let the Master Race Wars begin!

I feel good with a PS4 on a very very nice Samsung 51" Full 1080p 600Hz Smart Plasma TV in 7.1 theater surround sound.

JP13691902d ago

There's no reasonable excuse for that to set off an angry debate. But, this is N4G.

Hatsune-Miku1902d ago

ill be buying the ps4 version but the pc version should be the best looking version due to potential power and upgrading capabilities of pcs. xbox one version should be the worse version due to it being a weaker hardware than ps4.

from what ive seen of battlefield 4 on any platform the game may should look better on pc and ps4 at release. killzone shadow fall is the best looking game ive seen on any platform. i dont want to hear about how bf4 is a bit more open with higher player count and destructable environments because bf4 has over 500 devs working on the game while killzone has about 120 devs working on it.

ZBlacktt1902d ago

I agree, but we know the drill....

mikeslemonade1902d ago

Put it this way.. the game doesn't look impressive even on PC. I'm waiting for a real next-gen shooter on PS4 in year 2 or 3 that will look even better than BF4 on any platform.

ritsuka6661902d ago

The trolling of this guy is getting more and more predictable.

JP13691902d ago

mikeslemonade -
If BF4 doesn't impress you, then what the hell does?

Someone is in denial.

dmeador1902d ago


lol, so a game that comes out in 2 or 3 years will look better than a curret one? no kidding. And by definition any game on a PS4/XB1 is "next gen"

clearelite1902d ago

I'm a little bit angry about all of these comparisons though.

People are making it seem as if graphics are this games only selling point and ignoring other aspects that make a great game.

I don't want them to end up looking like Crytek.

ShinMaster1901d ago

Some people talk about Battlefield 4 as if they were talking about the entire generation.

It's not the be all end all.

Remember all those PC games on beastly rigs in 2005 for under $500 that killed PS3/360?
Me neither.

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PeEsFour4-Four1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

600hz is so useless, lol. 100 is the most you need....just saying.

ZBlacktt1902d ago

Sorry, I didn't make the TV.

PeEsFour4-Four1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )


MidnytRain1902d ago

I read somewhere those kinds of hertz aren't even measured in the same way other TVs are. Like they're "cheating" or something.

Volkama1902d ago

600hz is a slightly deceiving measurement, yes. It does refresh that often, but it's 60 unique images and each is blasted 10 times. If you try to run a 100hz signal through it you will not be able to display it.

I have a Samsung plasma too, and it's fantastic. Hopefully it'll last another couple of years until 4k screens hit normal person price range :)

Destrania1902d ago

I'm waiting for OLED TV's to go waaay down in price so I can get one. Probably in a few years.

R6ex1901d ago

Plasma is the best for gaming!

I watched an action clip on a plasma TV & a 2-sec.-response-time LED TV, and the motion was much smoother on the plasma.

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55" Full 1080p 240hz 3D LG led over here ZBlacktt...can't wait!

user74029311902d ago

720p vizio eco.

saving for a 60 or 240 hz 1080p led.

ZBlacktt1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Awesome Bro, I'll be a Pax Seattle all day this Saturday. I have a reserve time to be shown AC4 BF and Watch Dogs. These are two of the most wanted games on my list that I want to see on my set up!!!!! But I will of course be checking out every single game there!!!! ( Pictures and video to come )

DP, just a heads up. Might sound odd, but I have this one as well. For me, this was to much screen. Trying to track this much screen over and over was giving me headaches, lol. When I would fall from cliffs, buildings, etc. I would get that falling feeling in my stomach. It got to be to much over time and this is the living room only TV now. A mild slower paced game is awesome! A fast FPS is a nightmare of massive screen moving fast and your eyes are going to try and focus it all in every second for hours! But you might be fine. Just what happen to myself. :)

Septic1902d ago

I need a bigger TV :'(

MasterCornholio1902d ago

So console A is more powerful than console B.


RevXM1902d ago

Yes Plasmas have been "600Hz" for years.
I have a 2009 model Panasonic 1080p 42" that is 600Hz... Its really good appart from that Mid-high frequent humming noise it makes like a high voltage AC line... Not so loud, and I only notice during very bright and vibrant scenes. Also images are starting to sort stick and fade. So the auto off boxes that appear the last 3 minutes befure it turns itself off are slightly visible and fades away in like 1 sec when I turn it back on.

Going to stick with it til it breaks or I can afford a decent AMOLED, which isnt anytime soon.

tee_bag2421902d ago

600hz on a TV is from its own internal frame smoothing. That process is good for TV's 24fps and helps with motion. Gaming is a different beast and its better to switch off those artificial enhancements as all they do is add to input lag.. TV's still can't recieve more than 60hz @ 1080p.

sklorbit1902d ago

Ya aint allowed to have preferences 'round deez parts.


Bolts1902d ago

51 inches? Pffft. Your TV sucks. I just bought a 55" Sony 4K TV. The prices on these things are dropping fast so I took the plunge. Worth every peny I tell you.

The only problem is the lack of content LOL. When it comes to gaming, the only thing that can do this thing justice is my PC, and even then only games that isn't too resource intensive.

I swear if I have to play PS4 games at 720p on this thing then I'm done with the consoles.

JunioRS1011901d ago

Does anybody know if PS4 will support native 7.1 Dolby Digital s/pdif audio output?

PS3 had 5.1, and X1 apparently has 7.1, so I'm assuming PS4 MIGHT and probably will, but still....

If any of you have any reliable answer I'd be glad to know! 5.1 would be fine if not, but 7.1 would be pretty neat.

Kingnichendrix1901d ago

The PS4 has actually got a dedicated sound processor

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JP13691902d ago

Typical misleading Examiner title and nonsense article.

user74029311902d ago

fact : dice didn't say a goddamn thing about it running 720p on next gen consoles. so i believe 1080p is likely.

and like sony said, ps4 will be have best console version every time.

Kuse1902d ago

And like Xbox said, Xbox One will be the best console every time

See how ridiculous you Think before you post biased remarks.

user74029311902d ago

microsoft never said that.

sly-Famous1902d ago

Uhhhh..........No they didnt.

SCW19821902d ago

Pretty sure they never said that about Xbone

MasterCornholio1902d ago


Sony: "If You Compare PS4 Visuals With Any Other Gaming Console, PS4 Will Look Better Every Time"

FrigidDARKNESS1902d ago

I hope we get some info on the x1 version of BF4 this weekend. It will be playabble at Pax Prime.

dmeador1902d ago

He was making a point that of course company A is going to say they have a better product than direct competitor B, not stating a fact.

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LackaJaKane1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )


@10:56.... Close enough

Marc Whitten: "I think that our games are going to look great, I think they're going to be the best looking games in the living room"

user74029311902d ago

in microsofts living room. big difference.

LackaJaKane1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

well im pretty sure a ps4 will be in Microsoft's living room when released.

remember this? ---->

So again... "I think that our games are going to look great, I think they're going to be the best looking games in the living room"

MrCrimson1902d ago

they said it would be 720p on ps4.

Kleptic1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

EA said it...DICE has since become kind of unclear on it...many confirmed, or at least said they did, at gamescom that the PS4 version was not 1080p...but also wasn't 720p was some middle area...

but...they still said it looked like crap at the time...DICE always does that...the console versions will look like hot trash until release day...then the printed discs somehow look like they're 6 months newer builds...

Also keep in mind...Dice confirmed all PC versions shown so far...INCLUDING the networked machines to try out at gamescom...are running natively at yeah...any console version is going to float compared to that...but 99% of the PC tards flinging crap around aren't going to enjoy it at that res...either...

in either case...just buy the damn version you want...All this up and down news about the ps4 version made most of my clan friends go the PC I will too...but everyone chill the time Nov. 15th hits, the ps4 version will look so much better than your current tired ass ps3, its NOT going to matter haha...

n4rc1902d ago

I'm going to let you Sony boys in on a secret...

The way you put this console on a pedestal.. Like it will be gods gift to gaming and will have zero flaws and cant be matched...

Now i think your delusional but hey.. Think what you want.. But heres the thing...

You are not only setting yourself up for disapointment, but you are setting yourselves up for the eventual ridicule you will recieve thr moment its released..

And dont tell me tou dont care... Because you still havent gotten over the last time you did the exact same thing..

JP13691902d ago

Thanks for the collection of randomly vague, barely literate nonsense.

PS4 is decidedly more powerful than the competition. Everything about it says that it will be the best performing console this gen, from the memory, to the GPU, to the way information is accessed, as well as the ease of development. This is in contrast with the last generation, where the PS3 was only tamed by first party developers. That being the case, Sony still had the best looking exclusives, so I have no idea what you're on about.

n4rc1902d ago

Stop being so damn defensive about everything...

I never said it wasnt going to be an awesome device... But people are acting like playstation hasnt always had its issues like every other console...

The way people are going on about it like it cant possibly have a flaw is just not realistic... And it will end the way i said it will..

I could care less.. Keep saying its perfect.. But dont whine when thr second a flaw is discovered and people jump down your throat about it..

JP13691902d ago

I've never said any product is perfect, that's a leap in (non)logic you made.

"Stop being so damn defensive about everything..."4"But dont whine when thr second a flaw is discovered and people jump down your throat about it.."

I'll let that speak for itself.

P.S. You couldn't care less. Couldn't.

n4rc1902d ago

Great.. A fkn grammer Nazi.. The last ditch effort of someone with no argument.. I'm on my damn phone

Fine.. You didn't.. But many others have.. So why'd you bother replying if you knew I wasn't talking about you?

Don't answer that.. Rhetorical question.

JP13691902d ago

The last ditch effort of someone with no argument? Funny statement from someone that can't put together a cohesive paragraph. If I was just being a grammar Nazi, I could have picked at any number of mistakes in your barely literate posts. I chose one point in particular because it completely changes the meaning of what you had intended to say.

"Fine.. You didn't.. But many others have.. So why'd you bother replying if you knew I wasn't talking about you?"

Well, here's what you said:
"I could care less.. Keep saying its perfect.."

You've addressed me directly, of course I'm going to respond. Also, it isn't out of line to correct someone whose entire "argument" is based upon conjecture and generalizations.

sklorbit1902d ago

If any platform is put on a ridiculous pedestal it is PC. It is a great platform for gaming, but MASTER RACE? cmon now.

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KwietStorm1902d ago

Maybe not here, but Lars Gustavsson said it's currently running somewhere higher than 720, while they still optimize it. Might make it to 1080, might not. I don't really care either way. The physics and frame rate is more important.

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ABeastNamedTariq1902d ago

I think they can push for 1080p. At least higher than 720p. BF3 looked pretty bad before it released. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked it up. I think I'll be surprised when I get it for PS4 too.

xD34DSH0Tx1902d ago

me too man me too. Im not a pc gamer so i think ill be more than satisfied with the ps4 version of bf4 and we can only hope its 1080p or at least 960 or something.

BigShotSmoov0071902d ago

lol, I like how everyone assume that the PS4 version will be better. I don't think that will be the case at all, I think both console versions will be similar just like every other multiplatform game has always been. Especially seeing that this is a new consoles released with a new game. Come on peoplpe lets get serious here and stop with your bias assumptions cause you know what they say, "people that Assume just make and A$$ out of themselves.

Salooh1902d ago

This is how i see the situation and i even look at it as a fact :

Multiplatforms(MPf) in next generation will look the same as the pc for the first 2 years which by then consoles will be maxed out but that doesn't mean we won't get better games , it will depend on the vision of the game , then we will see the big differences in pc. However , (MPf) are made with consoles in mind so pc will get the same games with better texture , performance..etc

Ps3 was hard to develop for so (MPf) were most of the time better in 360 unless the developers learned how to take full advantage of the cell which makes the game look better then 360 because ps3 was more powerful then the 360. Even then the differences wasn't that noticeable only for the people who focus on that stuff too much.

As for the ps4 , we hear it's stronger and easier then X1 , so it will get better versions but i don't think we will see the difference in the first 2 years though since both are easy to dev for . I never cared about the small differences before so why would i care about it now ?. :P

theWB271902d ago

Your ramble is so terrible. In your first paragraph you state both consoles will be on par with PC then in two years they'll be maxed out.

Then in the last paragraph you state the PS4 will get better versions after 2 years.
Even though you already stated they'll be maxed out by then. can the two consoles be on par with PC and max out, but the PS4 will still show a difference after that point?

Salooh1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

First paragraph is between next generation and pc .
Second paragraph is between ps3 and 360 .
Third paragraph between Ps4 and X1 .


Salooh1901d ago

Ok , it seems that you guys don't get it . There will be differences between the ps4 and x1 after 2 years when both consoles are maxed out so every bit of power will be squeezed so developers will take advantage of the ps4 power and that equal better version.

PC will have better versions of multiplatforms then next generation (X1/PS4) after 2 years when they are maxed out and the difference will be huge compared to consoles version but won't take it to another level ( only few pc developers do that , only crysis3 look next generation but plays sucks and that was in the end of this generation )