Video game stories suck

Metro - Although the question of how much story a game actually needs is important, I’m going to argue that the quality of its dialogue is of greater importance. It may just be me, but when I hear someone saying how much they enjoyed the story in Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid I have to do a double take. Compared to any other form of literature the quality of writing is appallingly clichéd and amateurish.

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AceBlazer131874d ago

Biggest load of bull shit I ever read. Novels my good sir don't have scenes depicting everything for you so the writer has to go into vivid detail to get your imagination rolling.Video games on the other hand are interactive you live the story, you are thrown into a world to live a tale so of course the narration won't seem as deep as novels.The stories progress through a series of events and dialogue in video games.

TripC501874d ago

You haven't read many novels have you.

1873d ago
tripper1821873d ago

Wow.. just wow. WOW. Get off my planet. Have you ever even played Video games? Mass effect? I know there are better examples. Granted most people hate the ending, the story up to the ending is f****** good. You can tell me its derived heavily from star wars, or what have you.. but id like you try to come up with a complete universe.. with a complete intricate story.. and be completely %100 original. That's nearly impossible these days. Even in Novels and Films. Everything is derived from something in some way. Some games just pull it off alot better.