Xbox's September 1st Games with Gold to be Magic: The Gathering 2013, According to Xbox Australia

The Xbox Australia account page showed an odd image for a few hours earlier today. From the image, it looks like Magic: The Gathering 2013 will be September 1st’s Games with Gold.

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Excalibur1875d ago

Finally a game I don't have but I know nothing about it so I'm not sure I want it.

3-4-51875d ago

Culdcept Saga would have been a MUCH better choice.

Magic the Gathering ?

1999 called and wants it's cards back.

Why not just give us POGS instead!?

minimur121875d ago

Isn't MTG a F2P game on Steam?

pompombrum1875d ago

Yeah.. another disappointing title. Funny really, it's taking them so bloody long to release halo 3 and that's the only one title they mentioned I want to see released. I own it myself but having it free should give the mp a much needed population boost which would be awesome as Halo 3 wipes the floor with Reach and 4.

Ritsujun1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Laughable. Xboshed.

AngryTypingGuy1875d ago

Wow, this is JUST LIKE Sony's Instant Game Collection. :-(

HarryMasonHerpderp1875d ago

Microsoft aren't trying very hard are they?
I'm about to start playing Assassin's Creed 3 on my PS+ subscription this month. Not to mention I get games for my Vita and soon my PS4.
Still Magic Gathering seemed like a decent card game from the trail I played. It just doesn't compare to the PS+ lineup.
If this rumour is true Microsoft need to try harder to reward their customers.

InTheLab1875d ago


If you don't put in the /s, know one will ever know you're joking on this site...

AngryTypingGuy1875d ago

LOL, thanks @InTheLab... silly me, I thought the frownie face was enough to indicate sarcasm...

callahan091875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Are you joking? Magic the Gathering is more popular now than it has ever been in the past. Sales are through the roof. Shows what you know about it. POGS, now that's a dead concept, I had forgotten it existed, but to compare Magic to that is just silly.

And @minimur12, MTG:Tactics is a F2P game on Steam. It isn't even remotely similar to the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise, which is actually a computerized version of the card game, whereas Tactics is a totally different game that just uses the MTG license for story and character content.

All that said: It is a little pathetic to give Magic out as your free game to subscribers... PS+ gives out much more relevant and recent games. This game is a year outdated and has been replaced by a newer version. No reason not to give out the new version. PS+ has given out brand new games on day one before! Even the newer version of Magic is still a couple of months old now and should have been included instead of last year's version.

sonarus1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I own a ps plus account since the beginning. Brand new games on day one for free????? Personally i don't think so but i could be wrong maybe they were titles i had no interest in so i didn't pay attention

PS+ is great though it offers me the opportunity to play great games i probably won't have played otherwise. I just finished battlefield 3, About to start playing hitman absolution and now i hear assassins creed 3 is coming. I haven't played creed since the first 1 which i hated greatly but i heard the game has improved substantially since then. If this is the case then i certainly won't mind trying it for free.

callahan091875d ago


I remember there being at least Stacking on day one. I found a link for it:

And I thought there were others as well, but can't remember which ones specifically.

grailly1875d ago

people bashing MS do know that a year ago PS+ gave users magic the gathering 2012 right? and it was the big game for that month

That said PS+ hasn't stopped getting better and they offer more than one game at a time.

Mounce1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


Just like Sony's Instant Game collection? You sad little angst fanboy.

Sony's instant game collection are better, Microsoft is half-assing it because they don't just simply give free stuff away unless there's a catch.

Have you even SEEN Sony's September 2013 collection?

I'm sorry, what's this about 'this' Freebie being 'JUST LIKE' Sony's?

-Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection - FREE for PSN+
-ICO - FREE for PSN+
-GTA: Liberty City Stories for PSP or Vita - FREE for PSN+
-Rayman Origins for Vita - FREE for PSN+
-Galaga Legions DX - FREE on PSN+

This is just SEPTEMBER alone. Don't even think Microsoft can fully copy the great deals you get for being a PSN+ member, being an Xbox Gold member provides no bonuses, no pros, no benefits other than over-glorified self-pride.

3-4-51875d ago

This is = to your boss giving you a $0.10 raise to show his "appreciation".

UnHoly_One1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


I know you were joking and trying to be smartass, but in actuality, YES, it is almost exactly like PS+.

Both give away two types of games.

1) Games I already own

2) Games I never cared about in the first place

The only real difference is that one gives you free games, and the other is a rental service.

r2oB1875d ago

@ unholy

You missed another difference. One will stop providing free games once their next gen console is released. The other will continue to provide content after their next gen console is released.

AngryTypingGuy1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

@Unholy_One... It's all a matter of opinion. I personally think Sony beats Microsoft in terms of both quantity and quality when it comes to Instant Games Collection vs. Games for Gold. On top of the free games given away, Sony gives incredible discounts to PS+ members.

@Mounce... "Wow, this is JUST LIKE Sony's Instant Game Collection." /s /s /s /s /s. There is that better? I included not one, but FIVE foward-slash s' instead of a frownie face to fully indicate beyond a shadow of a doubt that I WAS JOKING!!!!

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PeEsFour4-Four1875d ago

its a card game, like yugioh.

Cueil1875d ago

I think you have that backwards

T21875d ago

how dare someone above bash pogs? I want free ALF pogs on liveGOLD!! LOL...

wow magik? guess i'll quit downloading hitman absolution from psplus now.... /s

HammadTheBeast1875d ago

You can check out Magic 2014 on Android or iOS for free. Probably not as good as console versions though.

andibandit1875d ago

to be honest i dont find any of the versions that good. i play the official Magic the Gathering Online, now thats the real deal

grailly1875d ago

I'm pretty sure it's better on iOS, it's the same game with touch controls, which are better suited for a card game.

AngelicIceDiamond1875d ago

Magic The Gathering? Ehhh I dunno bout that.

NewZealander1875d ago

damn its true cos the pic is still up on NZ gah! whats up with the crap arcade games! i thought these were meant to be highly rated!

NarcolepZZZZZZ1875d ago

It's ok for what it is. The actual card game is a bit more complicated but its a good time waster.

Godz Kastro1875d ago

At least they are trying. I for one never played dead rising 2 or assassins creed 2. One mans trash is another mans treasure... Poeple complain about free stuff... My goodness.

romancer1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

some people are born fault-finders.... even when something is free.

Magic: the Gathering has sold well and has reviews on Meta-Critic as high as 90. Don't particularly care for it personally, but then I don't have much time for still more games at this time.

Still playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist and soon will be playing GTA5. To say nothing of iOS games.

BTW: the article states that Rainbow Six will also be offered on Sept 1.

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TomShoe1875d ago

Magic the Gathering?


sentury1111875d ago

I don't have this one so I don't mind. I would have never bought it. A few of my friends play it so maybe they can help me start it up.

AceBlazer131875d ago

Much better than what they released so far.Good going micro

Athonline1875d ago

Dead Rising 2 is recent!

AceBlazer131875d ago

im referring to how recent the game is. its a good game that barely anyone would bother with. ac2 and dr2 are ancient and almost everyone has played them at least once

DestinyHeroDoomlord1875d ago

I agree with you, I don't who's bright idea it was to release games EVERY ONE has... I mean really now. If your gonna give me old games, at least give me Viva Piñata tip... (please?)

WeAreLegion1875d ago

I only have the first Magic that came out. (On PS3)

I absolutely love it though! If you guys haven't played it and have Gold, I think you'll enjoy it. :)

I didn't even know how to play Magic before I got it.