Nintendo’s Wii U Is Now $50 Cheaper & I’m Pissed Right Off About It

How can someone be angry at saving $50 you ask? COG's own CanadianBoarder climbs up on his soapbox and has a little hissy fit about that very thing. See why inside!

"I’ll just go ahead and assume that most of you reading this are aware of the recent price drop announcement by Nintendo in regards to the lackluster selling Wii U console. The big N is putting $50 back in your pocket in order to boost weak sales. It might surprise you to hear though that I’m really damn choked about it. I get that it seems confusing so let me tell you why."

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PopRocks3591874d ago

"the only advantage that I had in my 9 month head start compared to someone who buys the Wii U right now at a $50 discount is one fucking Mario game!?"

So I guess you missed out on those $.30 Virtual Console games and a year long 10% rebate on eShop purchases? I'm just saying, those were decent perks for early adopters.

Dr_Salvitor1874d ago

Its been 9 months and we got some great deals. Prices fluctuate every day. should i get a refund because pop tarts are 50cents cheeper than they were last week?

The only thing you deserve is a kick in the head. I own 15 freaking Wii U games in 9 months thats more than i've ownd at once for any console I must have purchased mario 15 times. The 3Ds ambassador was a unique situation that people should be happy they got not become entitled by it.

jcnba281873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


He was quoting from the article.

Edit: This is a very poorly written article, more of a rant.

Dr_Salvitor1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I'm agreeing with what poprocks said. When I said you I ment the article. Sorry if that was taken wrong.

Ilovetheps41873d ago

Another great Wii U game is MH3U. It is my first MH game and it is just amazing. I have about 100 hours in the game. It's such a fun game, and it supports the off screen play. I like just laying in bed at night playing that game.

3-4-51873d ago

Guy must be furious every time he buys a new car and drives it off the lot.

Benjaminkno1873d ago

I'm glad I bought mine 6 months ago.

This guy sounds like he's got a plug stuck in his ass.

Didn't Sony cut the Ps3 price like 150 bucks a year in?

duducus1873d ago

It's almost been a year... And the price is the same as the basic was, so it isn't really much of a price drop...

HexxedAvenger1873d ago

I got my WiiU around release date. You don't see me complaining about 50 dollars. Get over it and appreciate what you got.

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The story is too old to be commented.