Let's Make The Ultimate Call Of Duty Game

GameNTrain author Ryann Elliot Writes: It is time to make the ultimate Call of Duty game. I know what you’re thinking, this is impossible. No matter what a developer of Call of Duty does, they cannot make the best Call of Duty game of all-time. Regardless, we should try.

We aren’t thinking outside of the box here. In this Call of Duty version, we are going to take the best aspects from prior Call of Duty’s (Cod 4 to Black Ops 2) and put them together in one game. The only rule is that we have to take at least one thing from each game, which makes it a little more difficult. Before everybody yells at me in the comments, this is just my own opinion. Feel free to leave your comment on what would make the best Call of Duty possible from former CoDs.

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Iltapalanyymi1875d ago

Lets not. Call of duty is the most forced kiddie shit these days.

Soupaman661875d ago

so you want to keep it that way?

3-4-51875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Owned and played days worth of each one.

I will not buy another COD game unless they go back to WW2.

Even then, they need to switch up the game play.

It's too dated. It's becoming like CS/ unreal tournament.

ala_7671875d ago

Yeah lets make ultimate CoD game by adding dedicated servers and a revolutionary engine not a modified one!

gedden71875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Dedi Servers they have now...

1. Engine needs to go OR fixed so that it don't lag off line. Therefore it wont lag so much no matter the connection.


2. Camera needs to be fixed so that there's no more head glitching or seeing/shooting around corners without being visible..

3. Drop shoots should stay but MUST BE ABLE to be shot between transitions. (ie jumping to prone to standing)

4. NO OP GUNS but only GREAT Set ups with perks and attachments.

5. if you camp in one area for more than 3-5 seconds you show up on the radar no matter the perk.

6. ALL PERKS can be counter/neutralized

7. Quick scooping should stay but should be rendered useless with no aim assist, ONLY HEAD SHOTS one hit kills, MUST SHOOT FIRST (meaning NO MORE GETTING SHOT AND I KILL YOU WITH ONE BULLET AT YOU KNEE CAP OR SHOULDER BS)

Sniping needs to go back a SKILL instead of a squeaker and youtube wanna be past time...

8. All AI controlled AIR SUPPORT kill/point streaks should be user controlled in a more skilled based way... Unfair to have a stealth chopper while still running around or camped.. Unless its one of the big kill/point streaks but NO KILL STREAK should be looped... The noobs and nubs keeps quitting because of this..

9. Hit detection MUST be PERFECT

10. ALL equipment that causes ANY damage must be in the lethal slot. Shock Charges just for am example should be in the lethal slot

11. Concussion Grenades should disorientate that player NOT enable them to turn.. Maybe reverse controls and button layout while seeing double while running is disabled for a VERY short period of time will be better and create some VERY funny reactions.. Also throwing flash bangs in a open area should be less effective than throwing them at someone camping in a dark room or corner.

12. Shot Guns should have GOOD/USEFUL and MORE attachments that actually HELP. Shot guns SHOULD NEVER BE AS FAST AS THEY ARE IN BO2.. With lag gamers run full speed while shooting w/o slowing down.. Also only at close range they ALL should be one hit kills but at mid range and long range should be very weak but still get hit markers.. Its stupid to think that the pullets/slug just disappear into nothing... This balances shot guns and makes them more realistic.

13. Hip firing should be good for all guns but best for SMGs and LGMs..

14. SMGs with not the right perks should unstable at long range..