PS4 vs. Xbox One: The sensual, hands-on controller comparison

GamesRadar - By now you probably know all the bullet-point information regarding the controllers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Track-pads, share buttons, 'Day One' engravings; all the information has been out there for a while. But that's only half of the story. In fact it's hardly any of the story. Because for all of the high-tech bells, whistles, and slightly embarrassing proclamations of early adoption, all that really matters with a controller is how the thing feels.

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TomShoe1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"Sensual, hands-on"


ABeastNamedTariq1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Both look very good. I'll be having my hands on the DS4 first. Dem triggers, dat touchpad, dat light. <3 CAN'T WAIT! I do prefer XB controllers for things like Elder Scrolls and Fallout though. Still, dat DualShock. Nice.

Dragonborn3121878d ago

I got to use both at FanExpo in Toronto and they are both great controllers. I enjoyed the Xbox One's controller a bit more as I felt it fit my hands better and overall just seemed "right" for me. That is just my opinion though.

No_Limit1878d ago

Both controllers look sexy and comfortable as heck. What I especially like is both offer something unique (in this case, the DS4 with the touchpad and the XB1 controller with impulse trigger). I don't see how controllers can get any better than what we are seeing from these two gaming tools.

Khronikos1878d ago

I honestly don't like those glossy triggers on the One at all. Why the hell glossy and why does no one bring up the slippage on glossy stuff?

LucasEVille1878d ago

Slippery when wet.... Cue Andrew WK "I get wet".

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