LA Times: Dark Sector (and WWII Aces) Review

If Dark Sector was an entrant in a beauty pageant, it would surely win the swimsuit competition. Vivid colors, exacting details and eye-popping graphics, it's got in spades.

But if it was forced to answer the essay portion of the contest, it would fail worse than New Coke. The story is strikingly unoriginal and, worse, the game is technically flawed and at times buggy.

In Sector, a secret operative gets infected by a strange virus during a mission but develops superhuman powers that unleash his inner potential and allow him to chuck around a sharp metal glaive like a Frisbee. LA Times are pretty sure this story line is printed on page 56 of "The Generic Action Game Handbook" -- minus the "Krull"-like glaive, of course.

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arakouftaian3838d ago

it will be a great movie i dont know why they say they did not like the history i guess theY did not understand it that happened alt when someone do not understand something they dont like it is ignorance i think the history is good mach bether than spiderman wtf a li'l toxic spider bite u and u get super spidy power hahahaha