Octodad Devs Were Given PS4 Dev Kits Within 48 Hours of First Contacting PlayStation

"We loved Octodad: Dadliest Catch when we played it at E3, and we’re not alone – gamers across the web have all fallen in love with Young Horses’ PS4 title." - PSLS

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Smurf11876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Link is broken.

They are loaning the dev kits which seems to be a great move in attracting indie devs to the console.

TrendyGamers1876d ago

As long as he has a fairy in a bottle, he'll be fine.

Tony-A1876d ago

Good news for devs with great ideas looking to put pen to paper on some of their ideas fast. I'm glad Sony went down the path that leads to us gamers getting more fun games at a much more consistent pace. All decisions they've made looks to ultimately lead to "more games."

Fine with me!

Rimeskeem1876d ago

This tells good things to indies everywhere

b_one1876d ago

old news is old, devs talked this long time ago ;)

asiatico1876d ago

On top of all the AAA which Sony has In the back pocket sony is doing doing the best they can to get indies on it. Great move. Indies are going to start having even better quality games than in the past

martinezjesus19931876d ago

I got to play it at the Gamestop expo over here in Vegas, and it was odd at first xD unlike any game I've played honestly, it was odd but lots of fun. As much as i love the Uncharteds or God of Wars to name a couple, im glad Sony pushing these indie games.

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