Jolt Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Jolt writes: "When Ubisoft first gave us details of exactly what they were planning to do with this "sequel" to the not-as-tactical-as-GRAW tactical shooter, we were very suspicious. Keyboards were primed with phrases and questions such as "more like Vegas 1.5" and "why not just release this as downloadable content". Harsh words, perhaps, but surely understandable given that this is not much of a departure from the original game. And let's be clear: this is very, very close to playing it just a little too safe by Ubisoft.

Sure, if it isn't broken don't try and fix it, but you can always try and make it just that little bit better, which thankfully is the approach taken here. Keep all the good stuff, tweak the not so good, add a little bit and jettison the rubbish. Admittedly there wasn't a lot of rubbish in the first game, so that was a safe bet. You'll recognise the world you fight in. In fact some of the locations, if you played the first game, you will recognise very well as they haven't changed much since they were imported into this. The story doesn't really act as a sequel, or a real prequel for that matter. It evolves along its own lines leading to an impression that it was another safe option taken by Ubi."

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trancefreak3893d ago

i got this game a few days ago and its so repetitive i cant sit there and keep playing the same thing over and over. send your guys to the door, use snake cam to see who is behind it, then clear area sh1t gets boring. i liked graw2 alot better but i think the controls in rv62 better