"PLAYSTATION Network", Start On November 11th 2006.

Google translation from "Corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento] (SCEJ), it adjusts to the sale of new model game machine, "play station 3" starts the service of network service "PLAYSTATION Network" consecutively from November 11th."

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Mr Murda4465d ago's "Playstation Network". Somebody got a promotion for that one? Gimme a break. How about "Sony Connect" or "PS Play"?

Playstation Network = Awful Name

kmis874464d ago

Actually Playstation Network is just a name people have given to it. It doesn't even have an official name, kinda like the ps2 online was just "online." I kinda wish they would give it a real name though.

Arkham4464d ago

Early reports suggested it was going to be called "HUB".

DJ4464d ago

They should call it Playstation World.

TheMART4464d ago

Will it be online or delayed, that's the question I guess

DJ4463d ago

The network has been up for months and had everything from Resistance to Full Auto tested on it. They were using the Playstation Network to have people at the Tokyo Game Show play online with testers in North America.