Sony reveals Studios Making Exclusive Content for PlayStation Platforms

GC - "At a recent Gamestop Expo, Sony revealed a bunch of new information about their next-gen console PS4, and described its features in detail."

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Majin-vegeta1874d ago

Take 2 and lvl 5??interesting

Abash1874d ago

Sanzaru Games?! Hope for a new Sly Cooper game!

shivvy241873d ago

yea it was nice to see sanzaru up there, same with insomniac !

RenegadeRocks1873d ago

Bethesda ? I am sure its exclusive content, not exclusive game, going by how Bethesda functions.

sincitysir11873d ago

If they do please change the hippos voice. So annoying

DragonKnight1873d ago

Remember people, exclusive content doesn't immediately mean exclusive games. Curb your enthusiasm.

t3rrorc3ll1873d ago

@renegaderocks didn't elite24gamer try to pass off that Bethesda are making an exclusive game for Xbox one? I think he is right but his source has the wrong console

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porkChop1874d ago

Take Two would be for Agent. Rockstar still owes Sony $20m, that's why Agent is exclusive.

sherimae24131873d ago

and also that newly announced borderlands 2 for vita at GC

xhi41873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Where'd you get the $20m from btw? Just curious :)

gaffyh1873d ago

@XHI4 - It's a rumour from a while ago that Sony put $20 million into funding LA Noire as a PS3 exclusive. I think Jack Tretton kinda confirmed it, but not the number. He basically said something along the lines of "Rockstar came to us and wanted to take the game multiplatform, and we were okay with that, but we got Agent as exclusive in return."

Agent is just vapourware though imo.

BallsEye1873d ago

Lets not forget it says CONTENT not exclusive games. Can be anything, even GTA dlc.
Just like it shows bungie on the list.

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hqgamez1873d ago


SolidStoner1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I want everything from R*... ;)

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MWong1873d ago

I am only shocked to see Bethesda.

I hope the Level5 is an exclusive game. A game like Dark Cloud 3.

DeFFeR1873d ago

I'd kill for a Ni no Kuni sequel or game in the same vein.

FamilyGuy1873d ago

Glad to see level 5 moved to ps4, I want to hear more game announcements

Abdou0231873d ago

There is different between Content and Full Games.

BABY-JEDI1873d ago

There's a BIG difference. Some games are offering alternative character skins. Whoopee do. I guess it's better than nothing. Even though it is virtual LoL

imdaboss11873d ago

insomniac? i know they work with Sony in the pass but hm so the new game sunset over drive is likely coming to the PS4? i dont think MS is funding that game..Sony going to be very successful with the PS4..gamers hates xbone now thanks to m$ trying to implement drm and strict restriction on it..

IG-881873d ago

They are making ratchet and clank into the nexus for the PS3 so it is probably that.

Maddens Raiders1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I would be one happy person if Insomniac makes Resistance 4!!!!!

KingofGambling1873d ago

Yes please, called it Resistance Rise of Men.

3-4-51873d ago

People could confuse this.

These companies could ALSO be making games for other consoles, but THE exact game they are making for Sony, will be exclusive to Sony.

It doesn't mean they are ONLY making games for Sony.

xtremeimport1873d ago

Still a tad strange to me seeing Bungie at sony conferences or on Sony products. As a long time Halo fan, Im delighted to finally have Bungie working on the playstation platforms.

showtimefolks1873d ago

Take two RS

level 5?

Sanzaru games? Could they be working on anther SLY? Or maybe JAK4 under ND?

Also sega so Yakuza?

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Kingthrash3601874d ago

just when its about to go gets hard all over again.
Sony's doing this gen right!!!!!! cant wait for it to release!

ABeastNamedTariq1874d ago

Atlus? :) Persona 5, I FEEL IT IN MY BONES! Capcom? Deep Down. R* and T2 must be Agent. Nice!

Donnieboi1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Yeah I suspect Persona 5 too for ps3 or ps4 if Atlus is gonna put a 3rd party exclusive on ps3/4/vita.

ABeastNamedTariq1873d ago

Indeed, I feel a TGS announcement incoming. P5 for PS4 (or 3/4/Vita).

PS: I'm still playing Persona 3: FES (you recommended it to me, remember?). I'm about 72 hours in, I have two or so weeks until Nyx comes. I think the game is great. A little grindy at times (I'm stuck at the 180th floor boss of Tartarus. Gotta level to like 70 or so), but I'm mostly okay with that, it's still really fun. Some moments made me say "Damn! Why'd you do that Atlus?" Lol.

CaptainSheep1873d ago

Ugh, I couldn't care less about which PlayStation platform it came to! I just want Persona 5. >_<

@Tariq: If you think that's grindy, wait till you play The Answer. ;)

AznGaara1873d ago

Isn't this the same screen they showed in February? Lol

slinky1234561873d ago

This is a list of third party company's who are making EXCLUSIVE content/games. In February they showed third party company's who support PS4.

0pie1873d ago

btw... Content... Not games. Its kinda different :)

Elimin81873d ago

Without games there are no contents to make.. What, they're getting paid to make avatars? I'm sure it includes games and other contents... I doubt those companies will waste time on avatars, wallpapers, themes only...

0pie1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Content like DLC or stuff like exclusive missions like in assassin creed.

Elimin81873d ago

I do get what you're saying really I do but games are included!

christrules00411873d ago

That is what the title says. But if you read the article it says, "Sony has revealed the list of studios making exclusive content for PlayStation platforms. The thing to note here is that it does not necessarily mean a full game, but even things like DLCs."

When it says, "not necessarily mean a full game" it can be full games. I'm not going to say what ones will be full games and what ones won't or if any of them will be full games. I am saying there is a possibility some of them could be though.

0pie1873d ago

wow 3 disagree? Really?
I just said "content is different from games" Which mean bethesda will probably never do a exclusive game but probably exclusive dlc on future games.

Sony dont seems really keen to buy exclusive games from 3rd party like microsoft do anyway, just look at the ps3. Most of the exclusive title (i said most... not all!) are from sony's studio 1st and 2nd party.

bjmartynhak1873d ago

You just can't be reasonable here criticizing Sony.

Yes, it will be probably timed-exclusive DLCs, exclusive DLCs, extra more-of-the same side-missions in open-world games and even maybe mini-games that use the touch-pad.

And Sony relying in 1st party studios instead of buying exclusive 3rd party games like MS is the strongest point in Sony imo. (though the partnership with Quantic Dream is really awesome).

Honestly, I think it is a waste of money to have these DLC deals.

sherimae24131873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

i can safely say zindagi, sumo digital, sanzaru, specially bluepoint is making actual games, not just content, like dlcs or whatnot

bluepoint has been stated by sony that they are developing a game of a ps classic to up port to their current systems (ps4/ps3/vita)

sanzaru is being rumored to be making another sly cooper

zindagi is rumored to be making a move game based on their job listing

sumo digital might be doing another racing game?

take 2 is probably agent and that borderlands 2 vita port

konami... might be an exclusive content for MGS V

capcom.... pretty sure its deep down

sega... well they recently announced Yakuza Restoration will be exclusive to playstation

Atlus... well it maybe PERSONA 5, like every other mainline persona which is exclusive to playstation

SE well it might be KH 2.5? :p

ubisoft is known for multiplatform games but exclusive dlcs for certain publisher, so its sure is exclusive dlcs

level 5? hmmm since its exclusive to sony like it says... maybe a dark cloud 3? rogue galaxy 2? or white knight chronicles 3? who knows

bethesda? a broken exclusive content full of bugs? lol

what is interesting for me is EA.... what could be their exclusive content for sony that MS didnt snatch?

ramtah1873d ago

inndeed i was wondering about ea to

1873d ago
1873d ago
sherimae24131873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

^^ jblaze

sorry to break your hopes up
but sega already said that yakuza ishiin is exlusive to playstation there is even articles here in n4g of that news

and MS have already dead rising 3 as an exclusive from capcom
and you want SONY's exclusive deep down from capcom too?
talk about greedy eh?

and lastly persona 5 or lets say the persona mainline games that even nintendo fans is dreaming that should be ported or go multiplatforms with nintendo systems too...

just as stated above sony had exclusive deals with atlus, and the most possible title i can think of it would be is PERSONA 5

Unlimax1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


I really really hope Atlus make Persona 5 a Playstation exclusive so you can stop arguing about your console choice when you already know where the Persona series belong in the first place.

Kids like you made me lose faith in the gaming community !

LoveOfTheGame1873d ago

He wants the game to be non-exclusive, probably cause he won't own sony product, so he will be able to play it and you want it to stay exclusive for what reason? Spite?

That's just pathetic and your the reason people who truly love video games have lost faith in the industry.

I wouldn't mind DR3 going multiplat with Deep Down, that way we can all enjoy the games. Unless Deep Down turns out to be a classic Capcom screw up, then I will just be dissapointed, but not surprised.

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Deadpoolio1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Well considering nobody is making exclusive games for One80 besides Remedy and 1 Insomniac game what is your point.... Remind me again how Fuse turned out? And they're making a Ratchet and Clank game, hmmmm wonder which one is getting more attention....

TitanFall is already being discussed for PS4 in 12 months and Capcom will port Dead Rising 3, just like every other game Microsoft has published it will get ported with a subtitle in 6 months like Ninja Gaiden 2 and Mass Effect...At least by the time PS4 gets DR3: Off the Record they will have that frame rate fixed and we'll get some extra content One80 owners had to pay for...

Sony tends to get content that stays exclusive however...

Joker maps in Arkham Asylum...
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 had extra content
Bioshock DLC that NEVER went anywhere else
Medal of Honor came with Frontlines HD
Dead Space 2 came with Extraction
Still not seen Kinect Resident Evil Chronicles HD
Bonus content in Assassins creed 2, and 3...3 also came with Assassins creed 1 free on PS3
Just off the top of my head

christocolus1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Sony specifically says content for ps platforms...this could be anything from actual games(aa) ps3 , ps4 to
indie games, downloadable content and ps vita games(timed or complete exclusive)... Sony didn't say exclusve ps4 titles and they did that for a reason....but let's see how it goes...maybe white knight 2is n development and the next yakuza(always wanted to try that one out) ..

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