PS4 and Xbox One user interfaces are all about simplicity and speed

We’re only three months away from the launch of both the Xbox One and PS4, and we’re starting to get a better sense of how the consoles will actually work. We’ve seen the controllers, the cameras, and the consoles themselves, but we’ve still only seen a few minutes worth of footage of one of the most important aspects of a device: the user interface. Actual speed, ease of navigation, and the potential for annoying ads are still somewhat difficult to judge from these sparse details, but we can already see that Sony and Microsoft have learned from their previous mistakes.

***Xbox One UI Dashboard Sneak Peak Video Below***

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dazzrazz1929d ago

They forgot to add all the adds 0_o !

ABeastNamedTariq1929d ago

I like both UIs. The black on the XB1 looks sexy, and I like PS4's more overall. I love the sounds!

I can understand preferring one UI over another, but anyone who says either UI is sluggish, "Meh", or bad/clunky, is idiotic and needs to get their head checked. I personally think PS4's UI made the most improvements. I'm really glad the XMB isn't completely gone, I actually liked it. It was clean, simple, and effective. This UI is just icing on the cake.

helghast1021928d ago

To be fair, the PS4's UI looks a lot like the new PlayStation Store, and that itself is a clunky, user-unfriendly piece of shit.

AlexanderNevermind1928d ago

Hope its a lot faster lol.. But your right it does look like the PS Store.

mattdillahunty1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

the reason the PS4's UI made the most improvements is because it had so much more to improve on. PS3's UI sucks. lol. slow, bland, and soulless.

i'm definitely liking the PS4 UI much more than the PS3's, though.

pedrof931928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Well its true Ps3 XMB (not UI) it's substantially slower than of the Xbox 360.

After all Microsoft is on software business.

Lazyeye791928d ago

The in game UI XMB was indeed slow and sluggish, but outside of games the UI was very fast.

falviousuk1928d ago

That looks a bit better than the static screen shots Ive seen so far, and it looks like switching between the game and the dashboard is instant. Which is what they were telling us it would do. Perhaps this is what the 8GB flash drive is for !

Looks nice, but still could do with improvements, It would benefit from being able to customise its colours to taste and of course the sounc effects except for the achievement one.

Would really lke it if Ms came out with a proper video of the dashboard running, and jumping in ab out of a couple of different games, and snapping apps onto the side.

Kayant1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Oh shit that's pretty awesome... You get a live preview of your game from the dashboard... I guess this is why MS went with a setup that had a different OS for different things.
Also as pointed out by falviousuk the transition from game to dash is pretty instant looks like a big improvement over the X360's.

KwietStorm1928d ago

I already read this exact article either under a different name or from a different source. What's the deal? Did they steal it or did this get posted again?

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