Australia / NZ miss out on Xbox One Kinect voice controls

Part of the reason for the Xbox One price point is due to the inclusion of Kinect 2.0. We're promised the peripheral is a "crucial" part of the Xbox One experience... but many gamers around the world will miss out on major features, as we learn voice commands will only launch in a handful of selected territories. While the US and UK will be able to talk to Kinect, Australia and New Zealand will remain silent.

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gamingfriend1878d ago

Nice one xbox get it going keep digging that big hole to jump in

awesomeperson1878d ago

I don't understand why it's not being released in some Tier 2 European countries due to localisation concerns, when this appears to be the exact same case, yet is getting a Tier 1 release without full features?

deadfrag1878d ago

Exactly!And has we all know english is a universal language most people even the ones that are from what M$ racist call 2ºtier countrys know how to talk english!!

nukeitall1877d ago

It probably has to do with how far along they are with the localization for each country. Maybe tier 2 countries are 6-12 months out. While these other countries are 3 months out.

andrewsqual1877d ago

And every single country that isn't UK, France and Germany won't either. That is at least 20 countries. Care to explain the reason why Xbone was delayed in the Nordic countries again Microsoft? Will it be 2 years before these countries get the voice controls like with Kinect 0.55, I mean Kinect One, I mean the first Kinect?

JohnnyBadfinger1878d ago

Then what's the fucken point!
Drop the price of the bloody console if the peripheral that's included is not functioning in the fucking country! I mean seriously I wanna buy an xbôx one but its being made very hard to justify the $600 price tag. All the features have been stripped. What next DRM ONLY for Australia and newzealand ?

meatysausage1878d ago

Even though we speak english, I suppose its our accents. But honestly, Every voice functionality software, such as 'Siri and Google' works fine, I dont see why the xbox wouldnt be able to pick us up.

The Meerkat1878d ago

Aye, the Kinect disney work awe tha' well wi ma Scottish accent either.

Supermax1878d ago

Don't worry you will get FIFA and bf4 for free.

Kuse1878d ago

Sorry to say this but well Australia isn't really a major market. Like US and Europe for example are major players.

kaozgamer1878d ago

wtf. then release a version without kinect and drop the price

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The story is too old to be commented.