Driving Video Games: A New Learning Tool?

Editor Shawn Long wonders: Can driving games be used as a tool to teach young drivers?

"Driving is something that many people at some point must do in life, and learning at a young age can help out tremendously. I have witnessed firsthand how a simple wheel/game setup can help a 28-year-old adult, and I imagine someone half my age with a desire for the open road would learn even more than I could imagine."

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Cam_is_16bit1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Or we can all just learn using a car with a manual transmission and join the rest of the world. Just sayin'.

SirNintend01878d ago

It's harder for some people!

Cam_is_16bit1878d ago

You're going to thank me when the zombie apocalypse comes and you find yourself surrounded in Hummers. You really think Tallahassee would be caught dead driving an automatic? You're out of it, dude.

LaWiiG1878d ago

I hope the zombie apocalypse isn't what everyone thinks and takes place in the sea. Everyone will either need sailboats or speedboats. I'll be "waving" you goodbye then!