How To StreetPass Like a Champ On the Nintendo 3DS

One of the best features of the Nintendo 3DS is its ability to StreetPass. You will find this feature in no other portable device that plays games. The Vita doesn't do it. The iPhone can't do it. Android's hopeless, too. And yet some 3DS owners don't StreetPass or do it minimally. Let's change this! We have some tips for getting the most out of StreetPassing.

by Stephen Totilo at Kotaku

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Rhaigun1903d ago

From the image, I can see what I've been doing wrong. I need to put it in a satchel or a briefcase.

Nerdmaster1903d ago

When I traveled to Japan, I filled my puzzles in less than 2 weeks.

klecser1903d ago

The only viable advice is: live in Japan.

Neo Nugget1903d ago

Going to a convention is also quite effective ^