Skype 3D video calls under development, Possible PS4 integration

The news was revealed by a senior executive in an exclusive interview with the BBC to mark Skype's 10th anniversary. In the meantime Mr Gillett said Skype was exploring how to offer 1080p "super-high definition" video call resolution to other devices apart from the forthcoming Xbox One video games console. And he would not rule out the software coming to Sony's PlayStation 4 which will compete with Microsoft's machine.

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PositiveEmotions1878d ago

I already read this and its cool.

ArchangelMike1878d ago

TBH I don't think having Skype on either the PS4 or XOne is a selling feature. It's really just bragging rights between Microsoft and Sony. I'm pretty sure that the people who purchase a next-gen console will already have access to Skype in other electronic medium, e.g. PC and Smart Phones.

PositiveEmotions1878d ago

I know i will use skype on my ps4 for my family

Khajiit861878d ago

I agree. My gaming console is for gaming anything extra is just extra. I have a pc for a bunch of cool features, oh yeah and a smartphone and a tablet. My ps4 having any of this extra stuff is unnecessary. Which is why I dont see the hype for the "all in 1 gaming machine"

tw0qwk1878d ago

skype is taking over xbox chat system which means better audio and just better everything to do with it. so yeah it is to do with gaming and more.

joe901878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Microsoft are making major money from Sony on this with Skype being on there portable devices. maybe the rights to Blu-ray was traded for Skype? Sony need this,After all Skype has over 600,000,000 users.

Omegasyde1878d ago

Sony owns has a PS3 app and a wait for it.....

Xbox360 App.

Skype is on the Vita (even after MS bought it). Sony laptops come with Windows 8.


Half Life 3 is also going to be an Ouya console timed exclusive.


HammadTheBeast1878d ago

I don't see why though. Anyone who needs Skype can pull up their phone, and do it for free.

jackanderson19851878d ago

sony only owns and receives a fraction of the rights to Blu-Ray and MS could just pay a "contributor" fee to join the Blu-Ray Association and not have to pay fees per unit but a set fee yearly if they wanted.

Odds are MS would give them skype for next to nothing as it will generate revenue for them, it'd be why they have it on iOS and Android, two companies they view as their major competitors

joe901878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Omegasyde i don't understand what you are getting at.

Crackle is absolute GARBAGE with movies lucky enough to make it to SyFy Channel at 4AM.

Sony buy copies of windows for there laptops.

MS will take all the profits from Skype on VITA

HL3 on Ouay, you must be being sarcastic or Trolling hardcore.

HammadTheBeast lol it's not free, 2 Networks in the UK do not support skype due to not wanting to pay the licensing fees.

Even if you have an Iphone all features for skype are disabled with these companies.

You think MS are just going to let you use that feature for free lol.

All Companies that use Skype HAVE to pay MS money to have it on there Device.

What i am getting at is MS is like the greatest chess player in the world. No matter how you move, you will be taken.....for your money. I even seen a broken cash machine the other month trying to boot up windows XP. Even your bank charges are going to pay for an MS product.

joe901878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

double post, sorry mods.

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LackTrue4K1878d ago

how much is Microsoft gana charge for this?!?

Retroman1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Hold on....errrr so, Sony and MS had some kind of behind the door agreement?? X1 now using bluray and Sony using SKYPE now?? wonder what was said in that conference between MS an SONY. (MS own SKYPE.)

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ZBlacktt1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"Since the standard would require extra processing power"

Well, the PS4 is the most powerful console to date. So that pretty much says yes right there since the X1 will have it.

Belking1878d ago

That's until x1 releases. Ps3 was considered the most powerful too but couldn't do cross game chat. Go figure.

Godmars2901878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Secause its RAM was split into two separate chips and much of what they did had already been prioritized. Same thing may happen to the PS4 to keep it from allowing that feature.

Then again doesn't it already suppose to have vid-chat features? It just doesn't have Skype.

PSVita1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Belking- the issue was the amount of RAM it had nothing more

HammadTheBeast1878d ago

Best looking console games of the Gen: The Last of Us, Uncharted Series, God of War, Heavy Rain, Killzone.


DatRealBoy1878d ago

the pseye thanks to the dual cameras can do 3d video and pictures

EXVirtual1878d ago

3D skype? Why would you need that? It sounds cool but still.

XboxFun1878d ago

"Skype runs on the PlayStation Portable and Vita handheld consoles, but has not been announced for the PS4"

Some one was just ranting about how Skype was announced for PS4. Is this not true?

Loki861878d ago

Microsoft owns Skype so without them paying MS alot of money to secure it, don't count on it. They paid alot to get it on the Vita.

PSVita1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Stop lowkey trolling dude lol

Show us a link of all this money Sony had to pay to have Skype..

Loki861878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'm not trolling, I am stating facts MS does own skype and I really wouldn't count on Skype coming to the PS4. Vita got it because MS isn't in the handheld market. Do some research.

PSVita1878d ago

So no link? about you do some research instead of stating assumptions like they were facts. It it is a fact back it up with proof.

Loki861878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'm sorry I wasn't aware this wasn't common knowledge yet.

Enough proof for you?

HammadTheBeast1878d ago

So.... how much did they pay to get Skype on vita? Pls reply with links, cause apparently you said "it's a lot".

jackanderson19851878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

why would they have to pay alot of money to secure it? MS is a business and skype cost them a considerable chunk of change they'd want it to as many users as possible

as mentioned it's already on the vita and it's also on the iOS/android which they consider to be their rivals

PSVita1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Not one of your links supported your statement "They (Sony) paid alot to get it on the Vita."Everyone knows MS bought them out buddy...

Have you ever heard of "crackle" which is completely owned by Sony but is on the Xbox? Why? Because it's business and they make money off of the ads.

"Vita got it because MS isn't in the handheld market"

MS is competing in the phone marketplace BUT Skype still appears on every other phone so every point you've made is pure ignorance. Do some research.

PSVita1878d ago

The guy still has 2 bubbles to rely on here but would rather PM me this

Loki86 8m ago
"You are known troll on this site kid, so how about you grow up and wait to see what actually happens. I was stating my opinion which doesn't need some two bit chump trying to disprove, if you want to get into a debate fine, but you are 100% wrong on all fronts. Also, IOS and Android had skype before MS bought them idiot."

And still no links... Because apparent now he was just stating his "opinion" afterall.

stuff1878d ago

One simple cannot charge "more" for a product because your competition wants to use it or you don't like them. That's the whole point of Antitrust law.

SonyPS41878d ago

Skype is MS but not a part of it's Xbox division. MS and Sony actually have a strong business relationship.

KwietStorm1878d ago

There is nothing to "secure." Do you think Google charges Apple to have a YouTube or their Maps app?

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