Project Phoenix dev now says Wii U “could possibly be an interesting platform” for Project Phoenix


Just a few weeks ago Project Phoenix developer Hiroaki Yura blasted Nintendo, stating that the company’s hardware is not “exciting”. He did acknowledge that Nintendo’s systems can be “interesting”, but that’s where the positivity ended.

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ritsuka6661880d ago

I hope so. It's good for the developer/publisher and it's good for more players.

PopRocks3591880d ago

The more, the merrier, as they say.

Realplaya1880d ago

It sounds like they were initially pissed out because of the publishing thing but something has changed.

chadboban1880d ago

That would be cool if Nintendo now allows Japan indies to self publish. Don't see why they couldn't do it.

Zodiac1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Yeah, i never got that. What possible benefit does that give them?

[email protected] wishingw3l. sorry i read the comment as not allowing them to publish anyhing since nintendo previously stated they did not want japanese indies. I never understood that.

wishingW3L1880d ago

self-publishing? That they don' have to find a publisher like EA or Square.

BlackWolf1880d ago

Interesting. Would be nice to see this game comig to more people.