GTA IV intro faker missed the simplest thing

TVGB: "And finally, the most obvious one. There's no Xbox 360 security hologram (example) on the disc the camera man shows so proudly. The hologram is present on every 360 game disc to show the buyer they have purchased an authentic copy of a game, meaning the copy shown in this video is fake beyond any doubt."

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Time Lord3840d ago

when you launch the game. FAKE!

JimmyHACK3840d ago

when was the last time you booted a game from the dashboard?? it just goes black... 360 logo is only on powerup up the system..

but ya when watching vid i thought it weird no hologram.. just a hub printable disc and how he didnt flip the disc over to show bottom as to tell if it was some burn disc... but I just wasn't sure if all games used hologram or not i usually dont look at disc.

sonarus3840d ago

The dude was just some idiot looking for attention. Trust me if he was real he would have shown gameplay

Storm233840d ago

Poor kid looking for attention. That guy actually put some effort into this though. He actually did a pretty good job.

April 29th!

Science_NERD3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Of course this video is fake, it shows the xbox actually functioning! We all know that is just bollocks

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Eamon3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

How is that the simplest thing?

That's actually the hardest thing not to fake

I was expeting the mistake to be like GAT IV or something like that

thomfilm3840d ago

With the quality of the video, they faker could have easily used another game disc.

Crazyglues3840d ago

Very good eye, I never even thought about that.. also when you go back and watch the San Andreas intro, you will also notice how smooth and fast the images load and play.

I wondered why it seemed slow in the GTA IV video, But thought it was too hard to fake so maybe it was real.

But like it most crimes, it's the little things, that's how you always get caught, that security hologram is where they messed up. GTA IV will surely have that on it.. without question.

(ON A SIDE NOTE) -I must say I like this blog site that reported this, I like the look and feel of it.. Nice site, and nice job guys.

Science_NERD3839d ago

Of course this video is fake not because of the game, but because it shows a functional xbox!

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

You need to change your name to "HelloImStupid".

Phil Harrison Mklll3840d ago

It didn't say Blu-ray on the Disc

Oh sorry xFlop360 don't do next-gen Blu-ray discs, my mistake! :D

Microshaft3840d ago

We dont need your overhyped blu gay disk technology, gta IV fit onto dvd thats all that matters

Harry1903840d ago

William Gates on the site now.

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

Shouldn't you be working on the next Missile Command or something you Sony reject?

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Kaz Hirai3840d ago

King Kaz shall incinerate him using........the Blu-Ray of Death!!!


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