Sony Demanding $188,000 from Lik-Sang

After causing the company to close down because of the lawsuits filed against them, Sony is actually demanding the payment of £100,000 (US$ 188,000) in legal fees by November 1st.

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Tempo4463d ago

someone should send sony a memo informing them that milking lik-sang will not help them recover from their monumental loss

original seed4463d ago

Trying to make up for all their loss. How pathectic

BIadestarX4463d ago

This reminds me of the story about a chicken that could lay golden eggs. So, the owner figured if the chicken can lay golden eggs, then the inside must be golden too and he could make a fortune with it; so he killed the chicken only to find out that it was just a regular chicken. These people were helping Sony sell their product.

DEIx15x84463d ago

Didn't Sony make a statement that they were not related to the shut down a few days ago? How can they do this now?

TheMART4463d ago

Sony needs money, they can't make it through their business (losses and losses), so they sue and demand money.

The way to be able to invest in the PS3 guys?

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The story is too old to be commented.