Nidzumi : Why You Should Care About Saints Row 2

Nidzumi Writes : With all this talk surrounding Grand Theft Auto 4, who is really thinking about Saints Row 2? The original was great surely but nothing can beat the behemoth that is GTA4, right? right?

Saints Row two takes its lead from the first game, in that you help rebuild the Saints Row gang 15 years after the original. You'll have three new gangs trying to stop you but onl....

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GutZ313843d ago

I'm sorry, does a number 2 of a poorly made game sound appealing to anyone in the first place?

KBDuB3843d ago

The first game, I thought, was freakin great..

ASSASSYN 36o3843d ago

You fool the first saints game was amazing and beat previous gta games on a lot of features.

crazy250003843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

The game is being developed by Insomniac, I doubt it will get any better =)

freddy993843d ago

i thought the story in the first game was really really bad and stupied. quiet playing aftr about 10 hours. i will be suprised if sr2 turns out a good game...

KBDuB3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Wow, you all hate it.. I thought it was great. The thing I like better about this than GTA4 is your actually in a gang and have the help from then unlike in GTA4 your just a lone man doing work. It isn't no GTA but I will pick up SR2. I enjoyed the ending of SR1, and am curious as to how SR2 will play out..

I just wonder which one is going to have a better online experience.. GTA or SR!? Saints Row had a good online, but this is GTA's first stab at it.

freddy993843d ago

i found it impossible to play bec. of all the lag...pp where jumping all over the screen.

KBDuB3843d ago

Hmm, that sucks. I never had a problem with lag. =/

LinuxGuru3843d ago

The only people I know that liked the original were people, sadly enough, that fit into a very typical stereotype.

I'm not going into details, but you can make a guess.

misterssippi3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

12 yr olds?
Fans of open world games?
Your mom after a dirty sanchez?
Wow, i guess you didn't go into detail because you have no details to substantiate your bovine commment; imbecilic simpleton. Take your ignorant propaganda elsewhere troll.
By the by, if you know these people who fit into this 'typical stereotype', doesn't that kinda make you one of them--birds of a feather and all. Otherwise, aren't you just perpetuating a stereotype with no actual idea of what you are talking about?

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