VGLeak - More exclusive PS4 hUMA implementation and memory enhancements details

VG Leaks:

As we promised in our previous article, we present new information about the enhancements in the memory system on PlayStation 4.

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pedrof931965d ago

Don't bother reading that. You won't understand. Believe me.

Chaostar1965d ago

I took your comment as a challenge.

Failed miserably :)

xHeavYx1965d ago

Challenge accepted!
Hmm.. Ok, just because I'm nice, I'll let someone else explain it

pedrof931965d ago

Only professionals understand that thing.

Just be happy that the machine will be great :D

jackanderson19851965d ago

i noted your comment, thought to myself naw can't be that bad maybe he just misunderstood a part of it... then thought to myself nope that dude was 100% correct and i just wasted a part of my life

nick3091965d ago

I thought L1 and L2 are dualshocks buttons XD /S

Godmars2901965d ago

Okay I'll say it:

Is this that thing the Xbox camp is talking about because the PS4 has it and the XB1 doesn't? Does it pretty much amount to jack-all-nothing yet has become something because of that one stupid detail?

Is this nothing more than the HEMI of fanboy/console games?

Pintheshadows1965d ago

According to Wikipedia it is some kind of mythical persian bird. Beat that MS. I bet your console doesn't have a phoenix powering it. Or something. I have no idea to be honest. That article isn't likely to be understood unless you are a dev. I still expect people to come in here and make out that they know what they are talking about though.

Pintheshadows1965d ago

I understood every word. I don't understand what they mean when put together in sentences and paragraphs as they are in the article though.

MysticStrummer1965d ago

*nods knowingly, then leaves quickly*

mwjw6961965d ago

Challenge excepted.

He is the breakdown. The PS4 goes not have full HUMA support, it has some of the elements of it though.

The shaders and GPU have direct links to the Level 1-2 cashe on the CPU. AKA: a faster detour route for trafic.

The Level 1-2 Cashe also had an boost to compensate. It looks like a basic bypass of protocols to increase speed.

That's about all I got out of it. Its been a while since Devry...

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Majin-vegeta1965d ago

I have been officially mind f___cked.0_0

Kayant1965d ago

N4g crashing in 3...2...1...

TwistingWords1965d ago

Looks like they are using the the L1 and L2 cache as a secondary page buffer gate instead, probably to reduce semaphore wait time, except on the GPU L2 cache stream which operates on a lock or mutex to bypass writebacks

iamnsuperman1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I think you will find the L1 cache acts as a buffer modem to streamline the GPU writeback creating an L2 flux capacitor which generates infinite power through the matrix mainframe which enhances the Turboencabulator adding extra thermomagnetic juice to the CPUGPU


Seriously I have absolutely no idea what you or the article is talking about.

dcj05241965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Well the L2 enhances the particle discombulator shader thus giving a performance boost. The L2 cache writes to the DeLorean using time to give the illusion of 60FPS when it's actually 30FPS just double the speed. All very simple.


Pintheshadows1965d ago

What happens when we hit 88fps?

Jiggins991965d ago

the human eye cannot see more than 60fps on a screen so it wouldnt matter
i have a computer that runs some games at 500fps and a laptop that runs them at 60 and i can honestly say i see no difference

Pintheshadows1965d ago

Dude, it was a Back to the Future reference. I mean come on... how did you not get that.

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ABeastNamedTariq1965d ago

I don't know at all what any of that meant, but damn does it sound nice! hUMA seems great for the console. Morrree powerrrrrrr!

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