Cloudberry Kingdom Pixel Judge review

PJ: "There exists a fascination with the hardcore. Now, before you all begin complaining in the comments below, know that I am talking about gaming difficulty. Gamers have a strangely infatuated, almost masochistic relationship with games. The games that constantly abuse them with ever-increasing difficulty levels. Especially when one takes a look at the games of last year. I mean seriously, ever tried finishing Contra without using the famed Konami Code? And don't even get me started on Ninja Gaiden. Cloudberry Kingdom, an indie developed platformer that was just recently released, is a love song to these nostalgic gems from our past. A tribute to the incredible difficulties we faced in our youth - and surprisingly, a step forward into the future of that aspect in the gaming industry. However, does it pass of as something that is contrived, a throwback merely for the sake of nostalgia, or does it shine as a masterpiece?"

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