Executive Producer Confirms that Dice won't Annualize Battlefield

Contrary to popular belief, Battlefield isn't going to be an annually released game, as said by Dice's executive producer. How do they keep the franchise alive while they develop a new title? The answer is simple: Battlefield Premium.

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pedrof932274d ago

Well. EA has enough money to do that. With the all micro-transactions,DLCs and the earlier closed servers.

It's not like they the most hated company for no reason.

malokevi2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Mirrors Edge, PVZ, Titanfall



pedrof932274d ago

They had KOTOR but they made MMO.


" They had KOTOR but they made MMO. "

Shhhhhhh, the less said about that, the better !

3-4-52273d ago

They don't need to, that is what Star Wars Battlefront is for.

2014 = Star Wars Battlefront

2015 = Battlefield

2016 = Star Wars Battlefront

2017 = Battlefield

xxxsiegezzz2273d ago

IS the EA the only company doing that?
no they aren't

ala_7672274d ago

Battlefield is good for the PC... Consoles won't stand a chance in graphics.... So I don't need to worry bout that

Parasyte2274d ago

And, when did this become a graphics debate?

ala_7672274d ago

Since the fight of BF3 vs MW3

charted2274d ago

PC users only has graphics to argue about.

Games are getting console exclusives now-a-days.

Gonna brag about something.

pandehz2274d ago

Omg you make us pc gamers look so bad.

Sub-Zero852274d ago

Wow you just had to sneak that in there huh ? Hope it makes you sleep better at night and you wonder why you PC elitist are the most hated gamers , stay in your lane !

TheSsus2274d ago

"Sneak"? It was pretty blatant, dude. Really makes PC players look bad. But I know better than to generalize. If only I could teach that...

surgency2274d ago

Depends on the PC. Also, this has nothing to do with this news article.

younglj012274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Tbh I will take BF4 on PS4 over PC...60fps will be an huge advantage on consoles now with this franchise. Don't be surprise if BF4 sells 3-4 million on the PS4 within 6 months...

We all know that you can upgrade an PC too be more powerful.PS4 was built too test developers,after the complaining most 3rd done this-gen.Sony said ok let me build the ultimate PS console...PS4 was built with the advice of ND,GG,Mark,MM,SM,and SP..All great developers who have pushed all of Sony consoles...

Instead of complaining Sony developers release top-notch or game of the year contenders almost yearly..

PS3 tech:256MB XDR Main RAM

PS4 tech:GDDR5 8GB

Don't get me wrong,I play on PC also but having the ability too play my games in the comfort of my couch is priceless.Gameplay>Graphics any day but now with the PS4 I'm going too get both how can you complain...?

KONAAs2273d ago

ehh keep ur stupid pc, thers always stupid ppl ruinign the games on pc easier to ruin them on pc than aconsol, they already use aim bots on bf3,

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Parasyte2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Good. I personally think DICE is doing just fine with 2 years or so between games. I just hope the next one is Bad Company 3.

TheSsus2274d ago

Or 2143... titan mode FTW.

JunioRS1012274d ago

I have PS4 BF4 launch bundle pre ordered. Goodbye.

TheSsus2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I wonder what'll take Medal of Honor's place... Hope DICE won't alternate Battlefront and Battlefield...

Parasyte2274d ago

They've said it'll be Battlefront and TitanFall taking MoH's place.