GameStop Expo offers taste of next-gen games

LAS VEGAS — Inside the massive complex on the Las Vegas Strip that houses the glitzy Venetian casino and Sands convention center, amid a soundscape of conflicting noises, thousands of players are mashing buttons while staring intently at flickering screens.

They're not playing slots or video poker. No, they're trying their hand at upcoming games such as "Titanfall" and "Ryse."

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BigShotSmoov0072270d ago

Man I wish I was over there. I would love to see how Killzone, Battlefield & Ryse really look rather than just seeing videos of these games online. November can't come soon enough.

Aceman182270d ago

my brother is there he's a manager here in NYC, and he told me he got a load of free stuff including both PS4, and X1

PFFT2270d ago

but the p4 and xbox one were they given there on the spot or will the managers get them come release date?

Aceman182270d ago


i think it's close to release date, same as the games he got.

besides the PS4 he got
KZ Shadow Fall
NBA 2k14
NBA Live 14
Madden 25
Fifa 14
Need For Speed Rivals
Battlefield 4 plus the premium thing

for PS3 it was
Beyond Two Souls
Diablo 3
Gran Turismo 6
Dark Souls 2

for vita it was
KZ Mercenary

besides X1 he'll get
Call of Duty Ghost
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
a year of Live

and the new Zelda for DS

its safe to say he made out like a bandit hahaha

PFFT2270d ago


WOW man those are some awesome freebies.

Aceman182270d ago

haha yea while i was working he kept texting me what he was getting, and i kept cussing him out hahaha.

3-4-52270d ago

It is smart though.

Now these Managers can talk to customers about the games and actually know about the games because they will have played them.

and you not going to NOT play new next gen games.

That is like seeing Randy Jackson and not getting his autograph.

Kydawg2270d ago

Damn! Can I be your brother too please?

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kingmushroom2270d ago

i saw it at the E3 looks Stunning!

Bigpappy2270d ago

I don't know if this is just an oversight, but they did not mention any PS4 games. Even the GameStop exexc mentioned Titan Falls as the game gamers came to play. PS gamer even identified myself in the line for Titan Fall.

I Titan Falls becomes "That must have game", Xbox One will be in high demand among online action gamers.

johnniejay2270d ago

I was at the event for the ps4 they had knack , drive club and warframe the sony booth was classic they had kratos there hell of ps vitas where you can play that new kz beyond 2 souls which was playable alot of ps3 with a playable demo of batman live music all in all great booth

Agent12270d ago

I was there, and I got plenty of pictures and videos. It was a lot of fun. I was amazed by the graphics on both consoles. I played RYSE for X1, and I played Driveclub for PS4. So much info to tell I don't know where to begin.