Nintendo 2DS: Who’s it for?

Nintendo, as everyone knows by now, don’t play the same game as Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo are happy to live in their own unique little world and carry on cranking out games and hardware that no-one else would. It’s why many gamers love them.

We all know how dangerous 3D is to little ‘uns, so it’s about time Nintendo did something to save our kids! Lord knows we can’t do it by taking responsibility of what our children play.

You also expect parents to be aware of the fact there’s a slider on every version of the 3DS that can be turned all the way down so that the 3D effect is off. It would be the act of a negligent parent to NOT buy a 2DS is what some might say.

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ala_7671873d ago

Still I don't know what functions 3DS do o.O

3-4-51873d ago

It's for Kid's of Parents who don't want their children's eyesight to be ruined at an early age.

It's brilliant really and will be viewed as such in hindsight 4-5 years from now.

GreenRanger1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

It's for young children who can't view 3D.

Hey you! Yeah you, the person reading this comment; It's not for you!

nevin11873d ago

Its for Green Rangers.

Dan_scruggs1873d ago

Reggie already stated that it is for 6 year old kids. So that's that right?

GeckoPutt1873d ago

Idiots. It's for idiots.

You can spend a very similar amount of money for an original 3DS these days with a bit of searching. Just turn the slider down...

porkChop1873d ago

As much as I hate the design, I might get one eventually if I can get it on sale for $99 or under. I really just want it for Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zelda and SMT. My Vita will still be my main handheld as it much better suits my needs as a gamer.

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