Preview: Knack is a PS4 launch title you shouldn’t skip over - Canada

Knack might look like a high-resolution PS3 title, but don't ignore it. There's something special about the upcoming PS4 exclusive title.

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pat_11_52276d ago

Yea, that's what I felt. It's a shame so many people will probably just ignore it.

NewMonday2275d ago

it's actually tracking very well, I think it will surprise us in quality and sales.

SamPao2275d ago

I ordered the bundle with Knack in it :)
great game to start the generation!

dcj05242275d ago

I doubt it will sale well but I will be picking it up for me and the younger ones in the family. Thanksgiving (after dinner) all of taking turns lol huddled around the PS4.

NewMonday2275d ago

it has a special co-op mode for kids playing with parents. also a challenging game on harder difficulty.

Ilovetheps52275d ago

If you buy another controller, the game has co-op. That should be nice for family occasions. I'll be picking up Knack, but I don't have anybody younger living with me. So, I'm buying the game for me. I might be 20, but this game looks great to me.

GentlemenRUs2275d ago

Same here! I'm 20 and I just love the old skool platformers/adventure games :D

Heck, I still love the old games from the 80s-90s!

Who wants shooters when you can have fun with a nice gem like this?

nick3092275d ago

Im starting with knack as my first ps4 game, then 2 weeks later ill buy killzone. Knack just looks great and reminds me of crash .

GentlemenRUs2275d ago

Sadly most people out there don't know who Crash is... Heck most people out there don't even know what type of genre this game is!

It's sad how everyone just wants the typical shooter and not a great little gem like this :(

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