Driveclub Full HD gameplay from Gamescom 2013

Driveclub impressed Worlds Factory crew at Gamescom. It was by far the best looking PlayStation 4 game they were able to check out (unfortunately they couldn’t try Killzone: Shadow Fall though), and you can see why thanks to this Full HD gameplay recorded live.

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Kayant1970d ago

The more I see this game the more I like it ( Not a big fan of racing games in general). The lighting and shadows are great and the detailed damage to the cars is awesome as well. I wish they would release that 1080p capture that promised already :p.

GribbleGrunger1970d ago

They're releasing a direct feed video soon! Hopefully we'll get it in the next 24 hours. This game just keeps on giving.

pedrof931970d ago

The game looks great. I don't know why people don't like it. Is it because it isn't GT ?

GribbleGrunger1970d ago

Trust me, lots of people love this game, it's just that the media are not reporting the game in the same way the fans are receiving it. It's the same with KZS. So many people are going to be broadsided when these games release.

ziggurcat1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ pedrof93

it's because it's not forza. the only complaints i've ever seen have been from certain people in the xbox camp (going as far as saying it looks like a N64 game).

edit: ... and here come the xbox stealth disagrees...

Dee_911970d ago

hopefully we get it from gamersyde. youtube doesn't do it justice

slimeybrainboy1970d ago

another direct feed? they already did one hours ago?

thechosenone1969d ago

full HD video my @zz, it's recorded off screen. lol

gaffyh1969d ago

It actually looks better the more I see it. When it was first announced it was sort of a passable title, but the seamless challenge stuff seems surprisingly good. Good thing it's free (ish) for PS+ subscribers.

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HammadTheBeast1970d ago

One thing I'm getting a bit tired of is only seeing time trials though, I want to see a full out 12 man race soon.

dcj05241970d ago

Same here. I want a CLUB VS CLUB race. 6v6 team race.

Nocando1970d ago

Unsure as to why people are bashing this game, I think it looks amazing. I also like the way the cars seem to have real weight and not flying all over the track.

Hicken1969d ago

Oh, you're as sure as the rest of us: it's not Forza. The only people slamming Drive Club belong to a certain camp, and do so because their camp has a next-gen racer to promote, as well.

josephayal1970d ago

I think I'm more excited for this than GT6

nosferatuzodd1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

People love the game it's Xbox forza fans feel threatened by the games potential so they come to anything driveclub and vent their anger on the game claiming the graphics suck when we all know that's not true the game look amazing forza look like a cartoon every car looks chrome in the light reflection ..

dcj05241970d ago

What got me was that the sunlight was reflecting off a car. In a dark tunnel. Yeah.

Nocando1970d ago

I love Forza, but this looks awesome as well.

Tsar4ever011969d ago

I think Drive Club, Forza 5, GT6 and Need for Speed: Rivals should feel threatened by Ubisoft's "The Crew" game. Now what going down in that open world racer seems more truly next-gen than anything these other racers has to offer.

Pintheshadows1969d ago

Hopefully Ubisoft fixes the handling as from the previews the handling model isn't very good. And frankly, if they get that wrong, it doesn't matter how good the idea is or how large the world is. Just look at FUEL.

BoriboyShoGUN1970d ago

Im more of a racing simulator type of guy, but this came looks like it hits the middleground between simulator and arcade perfectly! love the challenges in race to see who corners, drifts the best etc. Will try the free version at first, but if its as great as it looks I will go back and pickup a hardcopy to get a few more bonuses!

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