Project Phoenix Overtakes Second Stretch Goal with Over $650,000 in Pledges

With 12 days to go on the clock, the Kickstarter JRPG Project Phoenix just overtook its $650,000 stretch goal counting Kickstarter pledges (that now amount to $641,127) and $9,041 gathered via PayPal.

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GreatGamePlay1880d ago

Help them reach Millions and, hopefully the 3D character will closely look like this in 3D,

leahcim1880d ago

with those art style is almost impossible that they not reach their goal.

wishingW3L1880d ago

well I gave $25 cus I'm not rich. ;(

dcj05241880d ago

Gave em $10. I'm poor. Hope they can get the 3D characters.

jimmywolf1880d ago

it all adds up thanks for showing support as i want them too be a great success

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