Final Fantasy XIV Breaks More Records: 218,000 Concurrent Connections; Players Will Get Free Days

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is getting more and more popular despite the server problems and the suspension of digital sales due to excessive traffic, and Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida provided some new data and the promise of "several free days" to make it up for the problems.

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RiPPn1879d ago

Loving the game so far.

pivotplease1879d ago

I'll have to try it out then. Was kind of unimpressed that mages get less than 20 spells pretty much compared to having nearly 100 in xi. I guess I should stop comparing but that was probably my favourite gaming experience (and most frustrating) of all time and I could kill to relive it.

Harkins17211879d ago

Well this is just the beginning. Could get more spells later on :D

GreatGamePlay1879d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Get more Players to Get Free Days!

DA_SHREDDER1879d ago

Id be all on it right now if it wasn't for that friggin fee. Its bad enough the ps4 is gonna have mandatory ps plus, which is fine cause sony deserves it, microsoft been raping people for years, but Square needs to drop the price or something. Why do fees have to be double digits? Why cant it be like 3 bucks a month? Or comparable to other games like free online? Just add expansions

Swiftcricket1879d ago

Probably doesn't help much if you want to play any other normal multiplayer game but, at least PS+ won't be required for online games such as these.

Feralkitsune1879d ago

Wish I didn't have classes, otherwise I'd just sit and play this,

pivotplease1879d ago

It looks so generic and lacking in depth compared to ffxi. Anyone have word on whether this game is good now? I bought the collector's edition before, so I suppose I should try it out (although set up will probably take me a day).

dcj05241879d ago

It's VERY good. I'll have to take it back once my freedays run out because I don't do subscriptions for just one game but if you have the money play it! $3 discount if you played 1.0

Abriael1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Generic? lol.

The game is fantastic. Way better than XI

pivotplease1879d ago

Disagree if you want. I just get the feeling that the game is very streamlined and solo centric. They definitely took a lot of things from wow which I never liked. But as I said no need to bombard me with hatred as I have yet to download it. I'm expecting myself to hate the emphasis on raids, fetch and kill quests. Of course by having low expectations I'm setting myself to like the game more. I can probably also appreciate the game more than most since I played 1.0. I'm hoping for the best. The fast paced skill mash combat looks terrible to me but I haven't played it so it could be enjoyable. I just hope there's good balancing and challenging fights that require strategy.

pivotplease1879d ago

Xi was the best mmorpg if you got into it. Everything was an investment and hinged on your decisions. Definitely a hardcore game (kind of like playing monster hunter end game lol). The game started with far more areas than 40 and there was more original and hidden side quests. The inclusion of a 4th city which acted as a hub and a frozen wasteland region/fortress just for the sake of the first story's ending was amazing. Hopefully xiv can grow to be half as good with expansions and updates. Ffxi was the most "final fantasy" feeling game I've ever played and unfortunately many missed out because they complained about the sub fee.

Swiftcricket1879d ago

There's really no denying that it's more generic than XI or even it's original release (aside from maybe the story, it's actually pretty good so far and most in MMOs suck). That said however, they changed and added enough bells and whistles that it's still great fun. And I'm enjoying it more and more the further I get into it.

The redone areas are freakin' beautiful and I find myself exploring just taking in the scenery again like I use to in XI. And I love the duty finder. Even if it does take a while as a DD class it's nice to go off doing other things while I wait for it and not waste any time while trying to get into a dungeon.

thezeldadoth1879d ago

I played the beta. It is very generic. Controls aren't very tight, spells are standard, quests are standard. The game is very middle of the ground MMO

jjb19811879d ago

This game is friggin' awesome!

pivotplease1879d ago

I've been talked into it now. Still a little apprehensive because a lot of people giving it high ratings say its their first mmo. However, I have been watching the development process since the rapture teaser in 2005 and I have trust in yoshi p.

AlexanderNevermind1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yes its generic fetch and kill stuff but man the raids and instances are a great and the fact that its FF makes it all the better. Fighting is FF type of combat. Jobs are excellent and I just whooped Ifrit last night. Whats not to like. lol

EDIT: For the record I played 1.0, WoW, SWTOR, Neverwinter, GW2 to name a few.

Bimkoblerutso1879d ago

If you're a veteran of MMO's, I would say it depends on your proclivity for playing something that is by-and-large a standard MMO.

I'm liking it, but I haven't played an MMO since WoW about six years ago. It definitely doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it IS a very solid, well polished game now.

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