Nintendo: We Love Independent Developers

IGN: "Nintendo is committed to facilitating independent development on Wii U. In an interview earlier this week following the announcement of 2DS, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime explained that helping independent development grow is a big priority for Nintendo."

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Misaka_x_Touma2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Mistwalker and Platinum Games

reason why they should become Second Party developers.

thomasmiller2275d ago

Yes, I agree with this article, look at spin the bottle and little infurno, these are great and original titles, and Nintendo is really bringing alot of cool indie titles to the wii u this will help hold gamers over until their first and third party titles come out!!

RiPPn2275d ago

As long as they aren't Japanese indies. Damn Nintendo and their conditional love.

Venox20082275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

whats wrong with japanese indies? like Cave (mushihime sama and other cool shmups, i mean one of the best ones) for example or studio pixel (Cave story, la mulana)?

RiPPn2275d ago

You must have missed the story which is why my post went over your head.

"Nintendo not accepting Japanese applications for Wii U indie development"

Blank2275d ago

I bubbled you up for intelligent for acknowledging Cave Co Ltd. they are extremely underappreciated.

millzy1022274d ago

There taking Japanese submissions now. They focused on west first that's all.