Does the Gran Turismo Movie Have Potential?

On July 26, Sony confirmed a film adaption of Gran Turismo is in production. At first glance, the news might raise some eyebrows. Gran Turismo is a realistic racing simulator and contains no story or characters, but will this be an advantage for the people in charge of the production?

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Maddens Raiders2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

If it was a documentary about the trials and tribulations of the game creator and college dropout, Yamauchi-san, then that would intrigue me, but I'm sure it wouldn't gain blockbuster style critical acclaim that the director of 50 shades of grey and the rest of Hollywood are looking for.

This movie is going to have to pacify all of the drifting and explosion "Fast & Furious" kids, as well as, maintain the attention of the serious minded older enthusiast who will go watch Ron Howard's "RUSH".

I don't know, this movie can go either way, but as a long, long time fan of the series I just don't have a good feeling about it. I hope I'm wrong.

jc485732266d ago

but as a fan, you should understand that games like Gran Turismo are also rather expressive. I have a "feeling" that the movie is going to have some of that inspiration.

AceBlazer132266d ago

I don't even know what to think of this.Uncharted movie?forget it.God of War movie?screw that.Killzone movie?fuck that.Grand Turismo? Genius! Make it happen.

matgrowcott2266d ago

Yeah, it seems like an odd choice.

I can't help but thing they've gone for something that has nothing attached to it in an attempt to pre-empt complaints.

Nobody can say they hate the way the plot or characters were handled, at least in comparison to the games, because there aren't any.

On one level it's very clever. On another... it isn't.