Exclusive Thunder Combo Trailer

Thunder lays down relentless combos in this latest gameplay trailer from Killer Instinct. Stay tuned until the end for a special surprise. (1:15)

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Manic20141880d ago

Looks pretty great though the pricing is a rip off.......

Mystogan1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

$20 for the game with all characters. Or free with 1 character. Different free character every 3 months.
also $5 per character. With discount for each additional character so you'll never spend more then $20 for all characters.

how is that a ripoff?

JokesOnYou1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Its $40 for everything, 6 characters, all the skins, full original KI arcade game AND you get all the new chrachters for the season coming after launch included. Sounds like a awesome deal to me.

Manic20141880d ago

i'm in the uk the conversion is different and is expensive. its £39.99 for the full pack but that only includes 8 characters. I think the characters you get every 3 months is not free, i read that from couple of sources and plus i work at lift London as an intern though i am getting the console for half price and i know the devs at Double helix have kept that price for killer instinct hence i we the interns of graduates do not get any special deal for that particular game.

Mystogan1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"Intern at Lift London"


also £40 pounds is still cheaper then other games. And its $20 for 8 characters. $40 for 8 character and a bunch of extras.

Manic20141880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I working their for my placement year from MDX university, i've got nothing to do with games development but i work for project research and development. I got nothing to prove but yes if you want proof i can provide it.

Though in my opinion i feel it is kind of a rip off as for the additional characters after those 8 which come out every three months and i'm pretty sure it will charge, still need more confirmation by MS on how that will work. It's not like it changes my purchase of the x1, I still think the console is going to be awesome.

Transporter471880d ago

As soon as i heard 6 character I was out. Were in 2013 there should be no reason to have such a low roster.

Morpheuzpr1880d ago

That's because this game wasn't in development. It's a rushed attempt at grabbing some gamers but not even the FGC is hyped about it.

NiteX1880d ago

It looks pretty bad to me. Of course that's just me. I just don't think it's doing the KI name justice. Honestly, it looks like an average fighting game at best. I'm just an old school KI fan I guess, I just wish Nintendo still had the rights.

Boogufo011880d ago

had a chance to play about it yesterday, about 10 matches at the GameStop convention, you guys have nothing to worry about, this game was incredible. To you guys who say 6 Fighters isn't enough...that is just the roster at launch...with more fighters to be released...which I think this will lead to a more balanced fighting game. I have been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 1...I even built an arcade system that runs every fighting game. I can honestly say this game feels like a natural progression of the series. I can't wait to launch.

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