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Most of you may agree that the current information board is useless at best. It could be so much better with a lick of paint and include information about the newest store contents or about up and coming games to be released. Well that's why whoelse spent a little time on Microsoft paint to create his own.

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sonarus3930d ago

Yea i agree. The info boards is relatively useless, if they could do it so that it actually shows useful information like all the game releases for that week, new store content, upcoming store content e.t.c.

Milky3929d ago

Why do people find a problem for everything ? If it aint broken dont fix it.

THC CELL3930d ago

very good idea

I think it would work really well

Blackcanary3930d ago

yeqah its better than the one we have now. I just wish that sony would let people that have a Japanese ps3 to beable to change the lanauge lol geting sick of seeing one english word and then rest is in Japanese.

flambeau3930d ago

Maybe Sony could make an application that allows you to customize it the way you want to.

Kami3930d ago

its possible to change the language but you dint know how.

rushbd3929d ago

I have my japanese PS3 . i dont see a single japanese word anywhere

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Splitz3930d ago


Good idea but pics really suck :/

whoelse3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Its only an artists impression.

All its meant to do is give an idea on its potential if Sony put a little more work into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.