With a Price Drop, Are You Now Convinced to Get a Wii U?

Amid a curious price drop, what Nintendo offers, is that enough to get you to buy?

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tripper1822270d ago

Yeah, but i'm more interested in Wind Waker, that was my turning point. smash bro's and Mario are just the icing on my Triforce shaped cake. The 50 bucks off will pay for wind waker. All the more reason for me to get it.

Neonridr2270d ago

Well if you get the Wind Waker Wii U Bundle then you are actually saving $100. Since the price of the console is down to $299 ($50 off) and you get the Wind Waker HD included in the set.

tripper1822270d ago

I hadn't seen the price until now, I am definitely going that route. Imo that controller looks tasty. :p

PopRocks3592270d ago

Don't forget you get that shnazzy gamepad and a free digital copy of Hyrule Historia. It's a fantastic package for anyone who wants a Wii U and missed out on Wind Waker and/or that book.

I'd get it, but since I already have a Wii U and a physical copy of the book, I'mma just stick with the Limited Edition. Ganondorf figure, here I come!

Neonridr2270d ago

Agreed PopRocks, I have a Wii U and Hyrule Historia as well. Highly recommend that book for any Zelda fan. I wish Nintendo would sell that gamepad separately, although some people may be willing to sell the gamepad alone on ebay (for a ridiculous price I am sure).

I am all over that collector's edition w/ figurine, as long as it drops here in Canada.

Army_of_Darkness2270d ago

Still not convinced since all I really want on the wiiU is Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade...

abzdine2270d ago

i always bought Nintendo consoles for Zelda, and Wii U + Wind Waker bundle would have ended in my house no matter what. But i have to admit the price cut came at the right time.

mikeslemonade2270d ago

SMH.. don't help Nintendo they don't deserve your sale

LonDonE2270d ago

what's frustrating is why don't they include the hyrule digital historia with every copy of wind waker hd? also why not have it on the eshop as a stand alone digital download?

Kurt Russell2270d ago

In the UK with current conversion it's coming out at $387.31 (£250)... or basically a crap deal for a failing console. No wonder EU sales are the lowest eh?

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DarkBlood2270d ago

keep in mind i believe the game is digital code, if that doesnt bother you much then enjoy that kickass bundle

Mounce2269d ago

I'm just waiting for a true 'Next gen' *duo-finger-waggle* Mario game to the likes of Mario Galaxy but on Wii U. Not side-scrolling little games that should be on 3DS.

And of course, a new Zelda, perhaps also Metroid, where's Metroid Dread, EH? Been waiting like, 10 years for that, lol.

DJMarty2270d ago


PS4 all the way:)

tripper1822270d ago

LOL i don't have to. I have my ps4 payed off. Whats wrong with owning multiple. Ill have a lot more games to play that way. PS4 is also my most anticipated. But that doesn't mean these other consoles don't deserve recognition.

Neonridr2270d ago

Some people go through life with blinders on. They defend their console of choice to their grave, but won't allow themselves the simple pleasures of experiencing as much as the world of gaming will allow them to.

Why wouldn't you own multiple consoles is a better question. Money aside, there should be no real reason. So many great games are going to be coming from the Sony and Nintendo camps that having a PS4 and a Wii U will be a great 1-2 combo.

BlackWolf2270d ago

You, sir, made me cry.
Agree all the way!!

Tiqila2270d ago

some people dont have the time to play all day and one console suffices for them.

truechainz2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Here here!!!


Busy or not, having a consistent backlog means you never run out of things to play which is pretty guaranteed with multiple consoles and PC. But I do respect your choice because there is nothing wrong with owning one console as long aren't constantly putting others down to feel better about your purchase.

DJMarty2269d ago

I have multiple consoles already 2 PS3 and a good desktop pc and a descent laptop.

PS4 on the way(as pre-ordered), don't need or want any more consoles.

Shnazzyone2269d ago

@Tiquila If that's the defense of fanboyism. It's a poor defense. I know i'm gettin wii u/ps4 next gen. But i'll wait for a bit for ps4/xbox1 I'll wait to see which gets the games that justify the purchase first. Snagging a wii u reminded me that you should wait for the inevitable launch game drought to end on every new system. Of course I shoulda learned that lesson from 360, ps2, n64, xbox, GBA, ds, and 3ds... why is the SNES the only system to have an awesome lineup at launch?

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abzdine2270d ago

PS4 all the way i agree but i the magic of Nintendo games is something no real gamer should be able to skip.
I want Zelda, i want that Donkey Kong and i want Mario Kart.
For me Nintendo and Sony keep drive gaming forward, that's why PS4 and Wii U are the best combo this gen

ape0072270d ago

great comment, i believe that the wiiu is a MUST BUY system next to a ps4 or x1 or a high end PC

wiiu must be there

WitWolfy2270d ago

Agreed, I've owned one for almost a year.. Most of the games it has are year old ports most people already own on PS3 or 360.

higgins782270d ago

Erm, "ports most people already own"? Sure, because owning the latest COD, Uncharted, Gears, Halo and GTA (for example) is really different than owing the previous instalments in said franchises. Besides, you've done a poll have you to determine the fact most people own Wii U multi-platform games, right? The fact of the matter is this...

It will take a long, long time before either Sony or Microsoft will be able to offer the innovation, gameplay and scope of games which Nintendo constantly have achieved, if ever.

flbn_josh2269d ago


You say this...
"Sure, because owning the latest COD, Uncharted, Gears, Halo and GTA (for example) is really different than owing the previous instalments in said franchises."

Yet you go on to say this...
"It will take a long, long time before either Sony or Microsoft will be able to offer the innovation, gameplay and scope of games which Nintendo constantly have achieved"

Real talk, Nintendo hasn't innovated or changed much of anything up with their IPs as of late. In fact, Halo, GTA, Uncharted, Gears, and Call of Duty (ok, maybe not Call of Duty, lol) change more with every passing sequel than any of the Mario or Zelda games over the last several years.

That's not to say that they aren't fun or enjoyable. Nintendo games are pretty good, and I am still thinking of getting a Wii U when I have the money, but quit pretending like Nintendo is the only company that can make good games consistently.

jackanderson19852270d ago

lucky enough in europe, retailers set their own cost... and i just happened to be lucky enough to be purchasing it from a shop that was 1) in the process of closing down and 2) had screwed over their staff with non wage payments... managed to get it (premium model) and all the games that were released at that point for a pretty decent €150.

Dr_Salvitor2270d ago

Shit bro you hit the jack pot.

jackanderson19852270d ago

ha i know i couldn't believe it when he rang it up... kept saying "oh "damaged" stock that's a reduction"..... was hilarious

Transporter472270d ago

To me, I was considering it, but as of now I am not planning on buying one yet, maybe next year, this year is PS4 only, can't afford PS4/WiiU/Xbone at the same time, so just buying one at the time.

SirDjss2270d ago

actually , now is the time to get a wii U, now its commin ALLOT of great exclusives on wii u. And the ps4 wont have as much games as wii U so u should get ps4 after a year of release. just saying :P

truechainz2270d ago

Nothing wrong with that. I am gonna wait on PS4 til Infamous comes out, but they all are must haves for me.