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GIZORAMA - Vanillaware, a Japanese studio that is mostly known for its excellent craft work in 2D fantasy, and action games, has come out with their latest game. Dragon’s Crown, a 2D-brawler at heart with action role-playing elements is a game that has rightfully earned the privilege of wearing that crown.

Enthusiastically, I loaded the game up on my Vita, and put my face up to the screen as I was greeted with the opening of the game. This left me only more curious about how well the animation would flow as I played Dragon’s Crown, and once I finally did, it felt delightful. The game was whisking my breath away as I took in all the eye-candy it had to offer. However, Dragon’s Crown might not sit right with everyone as it is a visual vomit of vibrant colors, especially in the beginning. The environments ooze richly towards your eyes while smaller details add much life to the otherwise 2D artwork of the game such as the cloth of robes, and loose material flapping from the wind, or orbs flying around the top base of a staff.

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Lboogieskells2265d ago

Thinking about purchasing this, but that price tag is a little scary.

Inception2265d ago

$50 price tag is scarry? This game worth it every penny, for me though.

Lboogieskells2265d ago

Yeah, I don't want to spend that much on a beat em up.

3-4-52265d ago

$50 for a side scrolling hack n slash RPG.....there is definite risk.

TongkatAli2265d ago

You're missing out cause it's really good.

Inception2265d ago

This is not an ordinary beat em up like Double Dragon Neon or D&D: Chronicles of Mystara. You had lots of replay value in here to keep you busy for maybe 30-40 hours or more. Not to mention the graphic is gorgeus and above all 2D beat em up games you can find on these days. $50 is a steal for game this calibre.

Lboogieskells2264d ago

No doubt the game looks good, but a demo would have helped out with my decision.