Heihachi and Spawn Announced for Soul Calibur II HD Online

One of the big questions about Soul Calibur II HD Online was which of the guest characters would be making their return.

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darthv722272d ago

Nice. i have all 3 versions of this game and my favorite is the GCN. Mainly because Link just fits with the overall tone of the combat mechanics.

Heihachi and Spawn were unique characters but the sword play was better suited to link even though the character was more like a reskin of Sophitia.

HammadTheBeast2272d ago

Link was awesome. My second favorite character has to be Lizardman, Mitsurugi, or Raphael.

XboxFun2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

That is very good news. Spawn was an awesome character in Soul Calibur II!

Damn, too bad Link can't go cross platform.

IS this coming to the WiiU? It would be super nice to get all three characters on one system.

matgrowcott2272d ago

It's not been announced for the Wii U yet, and I reckon licencing Link probably has something to do with that.

Misaka_x_Touma2272d ago

How is licensing Link hard when they working with Nintendo on Smash Bros.

They got Nintendo Costumes on Tekken.

matgrowcott2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

A. Where did I imply it was hard? It's in fact probably very easy. "How much will it cost to have Link appear in our game?"

Whether it's worth that amount with the Wii U userbase as it is is a completely different question. Further to that, Nintendo may not want Link appearing in a fighting game when they're pushing Smash Bros.

B. How are Nintendo costumes or Smash Bros at all linked with this? Completely different in both cases.

darthv722272d ago

@misaka...i think what they were eluding to was that heichi and spawn are characters that no longer have specific ties to a platform where as link is nintendo only.

Namco could bring this game in hd to the wii-u and with it not only those two characters but also link, seeing as he was the only real exclusive character of the bunch.

when the game was initially released, heihachi was exclusive to the ps2 (because of tekken being synonymous with PS brand) and spawn was exclusive to the xbox and link was exclusive to the cube.

Tekken has appeared on xbox 360 so the heihachi exclusivity no longer applies. And spawn wasnt really an "exclusive" in the sense that it had specific ties to xbox, he was just a character that namco created to differentiate the xbox version from the others. if they had used master chief then it would be more like link to the cube.

As to the nintendo costumes...yes those are exclusive to the wii-u version of tekken. They arent available to any other version of the game. nintendo is very strict with their branding and how certain assets are to be used.

AngelicIceDiamond2272d ago

Spawn? Lol spawns cheap hell I can't wait.

Deathdeliverer2272d ago

I will wait as long as I can for a wii u version. Link, heihachi, and spawn is too damn awesome.

BlaqMagiq242272d ago

WAT NO LINK FOR PS3 AND 360!? LOL Im joking people.

Anyway Im glad both systems get both Heihachi and Spawn. I'll admit I never played the GC or Xbox version. Played the PS2 version constantly in middle school so much I didn't give a crap about the guest characters. The core game by itself was amazing. Now I can't wait to try out Spawn for the first time.