Warner Bros. releases new screens for 'Dying Light,' 'Be the Zombie' revealed

Warner Bros. is bringing out a brand-new IP next year on the Xbox One and PS4, and with PAX Prime coming up this weekend, they have decided to release some new screenshots for Dying Light.

From information and news sent to Examiner this morning, we have received some brand new shots of Dying Light, which will land in retailers next year.

The first picture we take a look at is the pre-order image for the game with the tag line at the bottom that says, "BE THE ZOMBIE." Gamers will be able to take part in the new "BE THE ZOMBIE" mode if they pre-order the game.

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Kamikaze81880d ago

Really interested to see more about Dying Light.

RuleNumber51880d ago

The multiplayer now looks intriguing for sure. Zombies vs. Humans and Zombies get supernatural powers. YES! Killing from a distance huh? Want to see that as well.

Shadonic1880d ago

Hope that the character models are better and the stories more thrilling and less cheesy.

MidnytRain1880d ago

A distance? Like the Smoker from Left 4 Dead?

Godz Kastro1880d ago

One of my most wanted games!

Kakashi Hatake1880d ago

Why is it always Xbox One AND PS4? PS4 rarely if ever gets mentioned first with any sort of gaming news. MS moneyhatting is the only explanation.

Shadonic1880d ago

why does it matter whose mentioned first?

Godz Kastro1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@hatake... And here I go thinking people were gonna come in here and just admire a potentially cool game. Keep your fanboy wars out of this article.

X1 version named first...smh

GentlemenRUs1880d ago

Why Zombies?

Could have done something different like aliens or mad-cows but no, I've had enough of zombies...

MysticStrummer1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Dammit I hate zombies with special powers >.<

I don't even like it when they run.

Old school zombies for me please, and lots of them.

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