Hunt Other Players In Dying Light's Be The Zombie Mode

Warner Bros has unveiled a player vs. player multiplayer mode in Dying Light called "Be the Zombie," which can be accessed by pre-ordering the game, along with another batch of screenshots.

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HammadTheBeast1877d ago


A whole new mode for pre-orders? Wtf is this.

Shadonic1877d ago

I have to agree that sounds like there grasping at straws for preorder stuff. maybe its just early access to it or something while they work out the kinks

mafiahajeri1877d ago

The websites name describes this perfectly...

Skate-AK1877d ago

It was like that with Dead Island too. You got the arena DLC.

Anthotis1877d ago

This will act as a proxy for always online DRM.

Lboogieskells1877d ago

I Boycott devs with stupid Dlc like this.