Roundtable: Is Nintendo sounding a retreat?

Nintendo dropped two pieces of news this week with the unveiling of the 2DS and a $50 price cut for the Wii U Deluxe Edition bundle, bringing it down to $300. The new handheld abandons the glasses-free 3D feature and clamshell case design of the 3DS, but brings the price down to $130 in the process.

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LOL_WUT1968d ago

Nintendo is feeling the heat from the soon to be released next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. After that unexpected price drop they sure as hell aren't showing any signs of dropping out the race regardless if their hardware isn't up to par with the other two. ;)

deafdani1968d ago

"Unexpected price drop"? Everyone saw that coming from months, you included.


jsslifelike1968d ago

There's a good bit of cynicism here on N4Troll, but I think you're right- just wait a few months until the next-gen kits have a sloppy first six months just as Wii U did. Make no mistake- THAT WIND WAKER BUNDLE IS GONNA MOVE and when it does, Mario(3D World/Kart), Smash, DK and Xeno are around the bend.

AngelicIceDiamond1968d ago

Lets see how Nintendo does this holiday before all the doom talk.

CaptainCamper1968d ago

Well said. Let's wait until Nintendo release their biggest IP's before converting to a naysayer army :D

stragomccloud1968d ago

Why are so many people misunderstanding the purpose of the 2DS? It's for a very niche market of younger tykes.

Kevlar0091968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Nintendo still needs to release a Killer App for the WiiU. I'm talking about Mario World 3D, Mario Kart 8, Smash 4, games everyone remembers from the Wii/3DS but now on WiiU (basically the games that made them oodles of cash this gen).

If they can get an effective marketing campaign together the WiiU will be a success, maybe not compared to X1 or PS4, but still a success.

DA_SHREDDER1968d ago

I wish retards would quit calling it Mario 3-D. The new mario coming doesn't even look as good as Mario Galaxy 1. I'm pretty pissed about their lineup. Mario Kart was not worth waiting for all this time, if you waited this long for a WiiU you should wait longer. F Zelda HD remake, unless it was majora's mask, which windwaker isn't. The 2DS is a good idea though. Its way cheaper than almost anything out.

Kevlar0091968d ago

It's in the same spirit as 3D Land, hence the 3D in "3D World"

DA_SHREDDER1968d ago

Thats my point. Its like a 3ds game, nothing like mario 64 or galaxy. It looks like a regular Wii title.

nosferatuzodd1968d ago

Nintendo will never retreat a samurai never retreat he fights to the end
You go Nintendo

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