GTA IV 'leaked' intro confirmed fake

While it was an impressive fake, a video recently surfacing on YouTube claiming to be the Grand Theft Auto IV intro provides more than enough suspicion to be confirmed bogus.

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sonarus3843d ago

middle finger to all those who disagreed with me when i said it was fake. lol

Gazman3843d ago

It was so fake it was not even funny, well except for those that thought it was real

Time Lord3842d ago

All he said was the box art was uneven, the music was dodgy, and the screenshots we seen in into were already released pix, well watch GTA:SA again all the screenshots in that into was released prior to the game, all this guy has done is give his views on the into, he didn't play the game, so how do you classify that as 'confirmed' I personally think its too good to be fake.

actas1233842d ago

If that was fake. Then Rockstar should really get that kid to work for them, I don't know anyone who can fake such a complicated and perfectly looking introduction === I still believe its legit.

RecSpec3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

People are still in denial, still think it's real, it's not over yet.

People are hoping for something new about GTA4 so bad, they'll believe anything.

Screw common sense is the new mindset regarding GTAIV.

Mystery_Person3842d ago

Oh dude I never noticed that the little paper that shows the GTA IV picture on the game box thingy was a little off. Yeah the music and pics seemed a little dumb but nice try! Whoever did this is good with a computer and special effects and stuff...

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myabsolution3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

umm.. the uneven work on the spine is common on all xbox 360 games. that jutting green part is actually there on purpose.

the person reporting this obviously doesnt know much about xbox 360 cases, nor that the game is also PAL version, which *sometimes* look somewhat plain on the spine as far as writing style goes.

Chris_GTR13843d ago

i knew this was fake right away from him not showing the instruction manual. i have no idea why this news post is even nessesary. its common sence it was fake.

power of Green 3843d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

More like his theories says its fake...

A mass produced game has an uneven wrap and he claims fake? lol I'v have flaws on a couple of my game cases.

Sorry this post is much less convincing than the leaked video content itself.

LOL, If this weak excuse of a "confirmation" had half the work/effort the supposed leaked video had received it would be more believable.

Mr PS33842d ago

P.s You Suck too

Anyway to say this is fake might be a little wide of the mark
Lets look at this from another angle !!
They say its fake because of a dodgy box,a thin manual,odd music and because the intro did not contain cinematic scenes !!

Hold on a minute why is this fake ??
Its on the Xbox
We all know the Xbox version is the crap version
This looks totaly authentic to me !! Thats the Xbox for you

We all told you the PS3 version would be the version to get

But you got DLC
Bet thats a load of crap too !!

heyheyhey3842d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.