The Last of Us: Campaign Characters Aren’t Coming to Multiplayer, Season Pass Content Details Coming

With The Last of Us patch 1.03 out now, Naughty Dog has fixed and tweaked a few parts of the multiplayer, while adding the Interrogation mode at the same time. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2276d ago

I hope we see Joel in MP eventually.

PlayStation_42276d ago

they just said that it isn't happening

xHeavYx2276d ago

They will probably have news at PAX.
I do hope they fix the issue with the crafting, closing and opening the crafting thingy to get the extra parts is annoying

TrendyGamers2276d ago

They've also said a lot of stuff about The Last of Us isn't happening, but then it did.

shadow18spirit2276d ago

I hope they announce the single player dlc at PAX

DeletedAcc2276d ago

Neil said sp dlc news coming this month.. So . Yeah, its happening :)

ZILLA2276d ago

Just did the update last night and the fixes are nice and the new mode is sweeeeeeeeet!was up till 4am playin,ONLINE INSANITY!!!

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox2276d ago

After getting platinum over a month ago and having my fill with the MP I will be selling this soon. GTAV is coming and this game while it is a 10/10 is beat. Now is the time when all the dbags and hackers start to multiply.

PersonMan2276d ago

This is good actually. It was quite annoying to see a bunch of Nathan Drake's running around in Uncharted multiplayer.

I actually like it better when they use generic people for multiplayer.

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