Xbox One: Should We Forgive And Forget?

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'It still baffles the mind as to how a multi-billion dollar company managed to cram so many bad decisions into one big, uninspiring black box. However, in the three months since the Xbox One’s tempestuous reveal, Microsoft has capitulated under the pressure of a vocal, well-informed community, backing down like the bully in the playground who has finally been confronted by their battered, beleaguered victim.'

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user74029312272d ago

anonymous has one thing right...

''we don't forgive, we don't forget.''

xHeavYx2272d ago

Forgive maybe, never forget.

user74029312272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

i dub thee unfforgivvvuuuun.... a whoooooo woooooo


malokevi2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

People act like Microsoft is a girlfriend who cheated on them, lol. Seems nuts to me.

The console doesn't even release for two months. If your so hung up on something that never happened... well... you have an underlying bias to begin with.

Personally, I'll take the Xbox One and PS4 for what they are. Not what they could have been/aren't. Why bother? I'm in it for the videogames, not for tired principals.

Enough is never enough for some people.

xHeavYx2272d ago

Other people act like MS can do whatever they want and people should have nothing to say about it.
Other people believe MS promises blindly
I agree that people should take the consoles for what they are now, but why is it so hard for MS to say that the One will never have DRM?

malokevi2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

"why is it so hard for MS to say that the One will never have DRM? "

Because that probably isn't the case... they have stated multiple times that DRM will probably co-exist with disk based media. There NEEDS to be rights management for digital games so that pirating can't happen, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. You should know this, because I know that you follow XB1 news about as closely as I do.

If you are so hung up on principal... than why would you expect Microsoft to lie to you? Just to make you happy?

Makes no sense to me... Unless you're looking to create another excuse to complain about them in the future?

"Other people act like MS can do whatever they want and people should have nothing to say about it. "

Really? What have the last few months been about? What has all the B&*(%ing and subsequent folding to consumer demand been about? Is that not EXACTLY what you're describing?

uhg... pointless. Enough is never enough for some people.

But it is for me. I'll be enjoying these consoles for what they bring to the table. You can feel free to argue hypotheticals.

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user74029312272d ago

im here to protect you danny...

WeAreLegion2272d ago Show
Blaze9292272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

"so many bad decisions"

lol DRM? What else was the issue? People need to calm down. It's like it's not even ABOUT the Xbox One anymore, just talking about Microsoft in a negative light.

I mean really, forgive? What did they do to us lol? Why are feelings being involved in gaming? Drama queen ass gamers. Most of you never intended to buy an Xbox One to begin with.

Do we forgive and forget Apple for removing Google Maps and forcing us to use their crap? No. It's their product and what they thought would work. Turns out, it didn't and gave us what we wanted again. Then everyone moves on with a product they are content with and that's what it comes down to. If you feel your hard earned $499.99 is worth an Xbox One - great. if not, keep moving.

If I don't like Android devices, why would i waste time complaining about it, reading about it, commenting about it, etc etc.? I clearly, don't care. Some of you, care waaaay too much. "Forgive," lmao.

But hey, just my opinion.

user74029312272d ago

there was more issues than a paranoid schizophrenic at a carnival.

xHeavYx2272d ago

24 hour check ups, not being able to sell games you bought (that includes renting and lending games, Kinect mandatory, no Indie self publishing.
It's not about what they did (anymore) it's about what they could have done

ProA0072272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

@DirtyPimp yeah that's a nice sentence and all but care to actually say something worth reading?


24 hour check ups

not being able to sell games you bought
- so you were mad, about a business - blocking a way from other businesses to make money or their creation? Okay...understandable.

renting and lending games
- I don't rent. Do you? As for lending, there was always Game Share. And had this continued, I'm sure businesses like Gamefly would have partnered with Microsoft to enable renting in some shape or form.

Kinect mandatory
- so what's your point?

no Indie self publishing.
- what are you a indie developer?

So in conclusion, like Blaze said - the main issue was DRM...which was solved. What is the problem that Microsoft needs forgiveness at lol? No one seemed to have a problem with Sony and the PSP fact, no one has problems with Steam. i wonder why.

We are literally, STILL talking about stuff from TWO MONTHS ago...that have been FIXED. Why?

n4rc2272d ago

So does steam, iTunes and the PSP go all offend you as much?

I have a feeling you have no issues with these types of digital services.. Only when one company does it..

Forgive what? The only thing I hope to forget is the stupidity and hypocrisy around here... 2 months to go.. Lol

creatchee2272d ago


"We are literally, STILL talking about stuff from TWO MONTHS ago...that have been FIXED. Why?"

Because nobody knows how to beat a dead horse quite like sensationalist gaming media and Sony fanboys.

xHeavYx2272d ago

I sell games, which helps me get other games at a cheaper price, you probably have too much money and don't care about it. I also rent games, again, just because it's something you don't do, it's not something you can discard.
Lending games, the family game sharing was a glorified way to say "Demo", you were never supposed to be able to lend the full game. Check the Angry Joe review with Major Nelson, he keeps saying that if the father buys Halo, the son can CHECK the game.
Kinect mandatory, a lot of people don't want Kinect and feel forced to buy it with the One, MS hasn't shown any games that will give you a reason to use Kinect, other than casual games and TV stuff (but hey, you probably want your $500 GAMING console to watch TV, right?) They couldn't even explain what would happen if Kinect broke, back when it was mandatory.
Indies. I'm not an Indie developer, what's your point? Nevermind that question, you can't make valid points. I'm an Indie supporter though, and me, like many Indie developers, expressed their frustration with previous MS draconian restrictions to Indies.
By the way, are you comparing the One to the PSP Go? Seriously?
Then you mention Steam, known to sell great games for pennies.
Last thing, your friend Blaze is the one who started the "2 months old" issues

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AridSpider2272d ago Show
darthv722272d ago

i dont blame people for their mistakes but i do ask that they pay for them. nintendo made mistakes, Sega, sony, Atari and MS and I dont really hold grudges like others do.

There is no point, especially if efforts are made to right the wrongs. If NOTHING is done then perhaps i just wouldnt buy the product again but as it turns out, over the last 30 years of gaming i have never been presented with the situation to hold any animosity towards a game company or console because of policies or the 'could have been' situation.

People who are younger may have that mentality but older gamers know there was a time before instant news gratification where we didnt find out about a platform until it was released or had a good write up in a magazine. So all the details about this or that were revealed when you got one.

Times a different now (obviously) and it may be easier for younger gamers to hold a grudge but these are entertainment platforms....not cheating girlfriends.

thaimasker2272d ago

They have a long road to redemption thats for sure.

Septic2272d ago

Redemption? You speak as if they released the console with the DRM policies etc

staticdash222272d ago

Forgive but don't forget. I live by that model.

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