Where Should Resident Evil Go Next?

The Resident Evil brand has seen an identity crisis in recent years. Word is that it's getting back to survival horror roots. Where should it go? Take a look for my opinion.

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MWong2271d ago

Agreed, back to the basics of survival horror.

HolyDuck2271d ago

Onto the shelf of discontinued IP's.

user74029312271d ago

resident evil is legendery, no way.

-Foxtrot2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


First game will be a remake of the first RE, few things will be different. Mansion dosen't blow up in the end

Zombies/experiments wander into Raccoon City earlier just a day or two when STARS get back

Raccoon City event happens much earlier since events have changed. STARS members are involved in Raccoon City incident

Second game will be much different since Leon will arrive when the quarantine is happening. He sees Claire trying to break in to save her brother and decides to help her, Ada tags along to help find her "boyfriend" John. So really you could have at least three games inside Raccoon City, basically the Raccoon City incident could last nearly an entire gen. Claire could end up getting separated from Leon.

Resident Evil 2: Raccoon City - Leon/Ada

Resident Evil 2: Raccoon City Part II - Claire/Carlos

Resident Evil 2: Raccoon City Part III - STARS Team (Where Nemesis is finally destroyed by them)

Obviously not a year after each other like AC. Least then by the time it reaches Resident Evil 3 the games will be changed so much they will have brand new stories.

Best part about this is that we get to play as the characters we love
Capcom fixes it's own story they messed up
Can get rid of the Plagas
Can return to it's survival horror roots

At the end of the day it will basically be an alternative timeline kind of like what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek, same characters, different outcomes. However I'm not saying do what Ninja Theory did to DMC, they changed EVERYTHING.

Stuntz2271d ago

i love Resident Evil the first ones on gamecube were the best inside the mansion. That was when Resident Evil was actually Resident Evil not this nonsense we have now.

mgeezy3132271d ago

Resident evil was resident evil back on PS1, sir...

GryestOfBluSkies2271d ago

i would like to see a reboot with a return to survival. and id love to see the end of forced coop partners. coop, AI or actual people, should be optional.

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